Girlfriend says she needs space but still loves me

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My gf wants a break, but she says she loves me. I don't know what to do!

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As for what you should do during the break that you and her are having, that is explained in Step 2 and 3 of the system! Hence her feeling of insecurity. She would be drawn to you like a magnet.

Not getting mad about it was not the right thing to do. Now i came clean and told here how sorry i was for all the fighting, and things will get mutch better. Think you could use some dating help, too?

My Girlfriend Said She Needs Space

Dan Bacon Dan Bacon is a dating and relationship expert and the creator of , a video program that teaches you how to make a woman feel sexually attracted to you, respect you and be totally in love with you when in a relationship. Dan is married to the woman of his dreams and has been helping new men succeed with women for more than 14 years. Position Founder and CEO of TheModernMan. So many guys do need help. Some men need that sort of thing just the way some of us women need fashion advice or cooking tips. I need time alone to think about it. All of a sudden, you went from feeling safe and relaxed around your girlfriend to that horrible feeling of panic where you know that you are losing something that is extremely important to you. You can see it in her eyes that she no longer looks at you in the same way. You and her have gone from being in love to feeling disconnected like a couple of strangers. When she has that realization, she will come running back to you saying that she misses you and wants to give it another chance. She wants you to be the one who is hurting because she moved on before you did. When a guy deepens the love, respect and attraction that a woman feels for him over time in a relationship, she will not want to break up him. A relationship that gets better and better over time stays together for life. Personally speaking, I met my wife when she was 20 and I was 35. Our relationship literally becomes more and more enjoyable over time. This is something that you can do as well. In the past, a woman would stick with a man for life even if she was unhappy because it was shameful to get divorced. The relationship needs to get better and better over time. It sucks, but it is the kind of world that we live in today. Your girlfriend has asked for some space from you, so you need to see this as a wake up call. It is a huge opportunity for you to improve your ability to make her feel love, respect and attraction for you and become an even better man that you are right now. If she is the type of woman to worry about an unwanted pregnancy, she will quickly lose interest in having sex and will then want to end the relationship as soon as possible. The only way to change how she feels is to make her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you. If you keep making the same old mistakes that have caused her to lose respect and attraction for you, her sexual desire for you will be minimal or non-existent. Some guys are lucky enough to grow up with a father or male role model who is capable of teaching them how to be a man. However, the majority of guys these days never get taught what it really means to be a man. Most guys never know how to make a woman feel like a real woman in a relationship. In the past, women needed men and had to get married and then stay with a man for life. Can You Give Your Girlfriend Space Without Fully Losing Her? However, the most important thing that you need to do is work out how you are going to make her feel respect and attraction for you the next time you interact with her. While giving her space, you have to focus on fixing your issues e. Then, she will begin to worry that she is losing a great man and will reach out and contact you in some way. However, if she notices that you are still making the same old emotional mistakes e. A woman never wants to be your primary purpose in life. She wants you to love her, want her, respect her and appreciate her, but not need her. If you want to get to the point where you want her, but sincerely do not need her, you have to improve your ability to attract women in general. When you know that most of the women you meet feel attracted to you and are interested in you, the need for your girlfriend decreases. When your girlfriend notices that, she will naturally feel more attracted to you again. She will most-likely test you by showing interest in getting back together and then changing her mind to see how you react. How Much Time and Space Should You Give Her? How long do I give her? You will get her back when you make her feel respect and attraction for you again. What you need to do is get her to meet up with you and then make her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you. Sometimes, a woman will get lonely and contact her guy if he gives her space, but it will NOT fix the real reasons for the break up. That is what you need to fix and giving her space will NOT fix that. Sometimes I think I have an obsessive girlfriend. Dan, you are to me the greatest dating advicer in the world, how can I deal with such a very hard event? Should I break up and look for another girl to talk to? Use this as an opportunity to grow and become a stronger man. You need to use the approach I talk about in. When you do, your woman will be respectful and on good behavior at all times. Better Than a Bad Boy is 10 hours and 50 minutes of video for a reason! I have a 7 year old daughter. We talked about that in the beginning she said it was no problem. We lived together for months. We only dated for 7 months. We did everything together. Then all of a sudden she said she could do it. We were looking at house to buy for us and all. She just cant help tbat feeling. She already raised 2 girls 18 and 20. I sti lived with her as normal for a month Trying to find a place to go. We still slept together and everything. How do I get her back? If you are more in love with her than she is with you, more attracted to her than she is with you, etc, then she is going to feel like not only is she putting up with a less than desirable man, but she has to take care of his child as well. My advice to you would be to learn what makes a woman fall madly in love with a guy and how to ensure she retains that feeling. My advice for it is in. I met my girlfriend when she was 19 and I was 24. We have been together for a little over 3 years. I was at a point in my life when we first met that I had partied and did my fair share of partying and sleeping with random women, I was ready to settle down. She was never a big party person, a slutty girl and wanted a stable man who had a good job his own house ect. She basically moved in within 3 months of dating and we lived together ever since. We fought a little bit during this point in our relationship because I started partying with friends again and she thought I drank to much. Well we lived together for the next 2 and a half years all the while her sex drive diminished more and more as time went on. We ended up moving back closer to friends and family about a year ago and it all went down hill from there. We had some financial problems for a little while but worked through it but I started to feel like a bad man and a bad provider for the life we were trying to build. In February this year one day I came home and she said she was leaving she packed her clothes and left her other things to stay at her fathers house, where she hates being. Of course I begged and pleaded with her to come back, even crying, which I tried to never do in order to not appear weak. So I quit drinking because that was a request of hers but the sex never got better almost 2 months went by and she would barely touch me except a kiss when we left for work or went to bed, no cuddling or hugging or any physical contact. I sat and talked with her many times about this over the coming months as that was my biggest concern. The problem is she stayed for 10 days after that and I just wanted to move on she slept on the couch and I stayed in the bedroom. She finally moved out 10 days later. She has recently become more active on Facebook posting pictures of herself and not us like she used to. I always said Facebook is the devil of relationships. I instantly deleted her, my family and friends all saw this post and called me saying it was classless. Just to clarify I do love this girl and I want to make it work, I know I am not supposed to contact her and let her come back to me. Unfortunately I do know this is the women I want to spend the rest of u life with. I am 28 now and she is 23. I know her so well that she wants to get married and have kids ect. How do I go about this, obviously I am the one hurting here and not her. I would have a very hard time ever dating her again if she slept with another man especially that we had had sex in 4 months before the break. All my friends tell me I am to good of a guy and I know good guys always finish last and girls are attracted to a strong man. The ball was always in my court and she knows it is in her court right now, what do I do? Well, let me say first that it sounds like you did some thing right in the relationship. However, this is a case of having your judgement clouded by your emotions and perception of reality. When humans are faced with am emotionally-challenging situation, they go through an emotional process of recovery. Perception of reality Humans only know what they know. You are going to learn more about yourself and life as the years unfold. I thought she was the one for me and I should keep trying to make it work. Even though you experienced a unique type of love with this girl, it does not mean you will not experience love again. You will experience a new, unique type of love with the next woman. Personally speaking, my girlfriend will happily sit there watching me play Xbox for 2-3 hours without complaint, because she knows I am a man of purpose. I am rising through the levels of life, I am reaching for my true potential as a man and I am not afraid of the world. I make things happen and when I work on my things, I really put in my heart and soul. So, if I want to chill out and play Xbox or have a drink, my girlfriend will be excited to sit with me. The right girl for you is the one who will beg you to marry her and will worship the ground you walk on. Believe me, there are literally millions of women in this world who would feel like the luckiest woman on Earth to be your girlfriend. If you want to learn what I know, which makes women fall MADLY in love with me and makes their feelings of love, attraction and respect GROW over time, rather than fade away, I recommend you watch. If you can offer any tips or anything it would help. This is my first real GF, we have been dating for almost 2 months. Last Friday my woman and I were out tubing down a mountain. We had a great time time and went for food at a formalish pub. She was making out with me at the table and it was getting pretty full on. She was getting a little out of hand aggressive and my back was hurting from tubing so I said something feels off, which it did. On the way back to the car she burst into tears and said I spoke like her ex husband. We drove home and we went into my place and she said she was going home we had a big night of sex planned. I made out with her at the door very passionately and told her I loved her, she said she loved me. She was crying a lot still. I sent her an email the next day saying again I was sorry for how I spoke to her. She sent me back an email saying she needed some time to herself and would let me know when she would come by for another visit. Is there any tips or advice you can offer when a girl asks for time to herself? Give her time for herself. Do not call, text or message until she does. Me and my girlfriend are been together for 6 years we started to date when we were in high school when she turn 18 we decide to have skid together Evrything was okay until she cheated on me and I was mad so I started to talk to girls she found out and we kept doing this to each other. She found out couple weeks I send a message to a friend and she decide to break up. We live in cal I had to leave the country for some personal prob. This is a classic example of how most people need to have more than one relationship before settling down for life. If a woman is unhappy, she will just leave and hook up with another guy. In the past, a woman would put up with her man for life instead of facing the shame of a break up. These days, women can make just as much money as men or more and are supported by government systems for single mothers. You and your girl are going through natural changes that people in the early 20s go through where you start to work out what you really want from life. Right now, it seems like you and your girlfriend have different ideas of what life is about and how important it is to keep a relationship together. We are both in college. We met a few years ago and we liked each other since then. When came she went to the college I go to now and we met and got into in a relationship. I keep on being with her because I love her. Oh yeah she is a only child she is 20 about to be 21. Im 21 about to be 22. Her parents love her very much and so do I. She told me that I get on her nerves. She also told me to give her space for a day. I did that then she got mad at me again. Now she said she need space for awhile. Should I be worried? Is this a breakup? If you are just wanting to be around her all the time, she will feel that you are hiding from your potential behind her. I recommend that you watch if you want to learn how. Also she said we have been drifting apart and I never dealt like that and if we did it was because of school so we got busy. I am jet wondering what I should do because I love her and want her, she also told my mom that she stilled lOved me and missed me and still wanted me just she thinks this is for the best. Do yOu think I still have a chance with her and how do I get her back if I can? Basically, your girlfriend has lost attraction for you. When a woman loses respect for a man i. When she loses attraction, she will then fall out of love with you. Put it this way, if your girlfriend was passionately attracted to you and looked up to you as her man, she would not be trying to get away from you. She would be drawn to you like a magnet. I can teach you to fix it, but my advice which has taken 7 years of research, testing and application to perfect is not free. If you watch and follow the advice, she will then begin respecting you as a man again, feel deep, uncontrollable attraction for you and fall back in love. However, if you continue behaving like you have been around her, she is not going to change how she feels. I am in the middle of the hardest thing I have had to go through in my life. I am 20 and me and my girlfriend have been dating for two years. We met in high school and were high school sweethearts. We was each other first love and shared a connection that I have never experienced before. We were both self concious but could be completely open with each other. The past two monthes I started a sexual relationship with another girl and she didnt mean anything but sex to me. She didnt answer my calls for three days then eventually called me back after I emailed her. She was very defensive and all I did was apoligize. I called her the next night and she was still heated she eventually calmed down a tad bit but said she needed space and wouldnt agree to met with me in person until she was ready. She said she promised she would meet with me eventually but she would have to be ready and she would let me know. The next afternoon I apoligized for pressuring and told her I would give her the space she needed. I explained how I have since changed. She emailed me back and said thankyou for apoligizing and she hopes I really am on the path to becoming a better person. Since then I have truely been working to better myself but cant get her off my mind. I now feel stonger than ever and i know that whatever the outcome of me and you ends up being, i will fine. I now see how you can remain strong no matter what the given circumstances are. I just realized the honest reason why i have loved you for two years. Thankyou for actually giving yourself space so that you dont make important decisions out of anger. I feel that you still care about me and that is why you are giving yourself time to think. Dont be affraid with your feelings towards me because now that i am medicated i am a lot calmer, i can think things though first, and my emotions no longer get the best of me. When you are ready to meet with me i cant wait to tell what happened today. Feel free to just call if you want to just chat, it can be about anything random. I havent gotten a reply and its killing me not talking to her everyday. What is the best way to get her back? About her saying that she wants to wait until she is ready. I have a sneaking suspicion that is because she wants to sleep with another guy first, so she at least gets even. However, you can get her love back. Getting it back is a 3-phase process. First you need to get her to respect you again as a man. When she respects you as a man, she will then begin feeling attraction for you again. When she feels attraction for you again, she will open herself back up to love. Yet during my 20 month relationship Which was completely healthy and loving about 99. I very much love what i do but i did get comfortable. I have been hammering away at this endeavor for a few months now and the ball is really starting to get rolling. Also, I have been approached by a few fitness magazines to do photos for there respective mags and Have a few interviews with local news for my sport. I want to show her im still the driven man she fell in love for but am very aware that there is a fine line between doing so and flat out just pushing it in someones face. Well, if your relationship was loving 99. There has to be other reasons involved. At this moment i am not as successful as i was. Upon last speaking with her i had vacated my titles, lost contact with the people that had helped me get there and i was not taking the kind of care of myself that i usually do. In her eyes, on the career aspect of things and as a man as general she will have the impression im probably in the same place i was when she left me. Also, ill put more vital points in i think are important. Basically turned into a complete wimpy, needy man. Yet, prior to all this she was excessively insecure, She would get extremely jealous of the ring girls if they tried to contact me. However, I never tried to make her jealous, She had access to my phone and social media at any point she wanted it, so if she wanted to check up on me she could have and did fairly regular. I just feel i need to show her the man she fell for is back, just a bit wiser and a lot more focused. She really did mean the world to me. I have dated other girls but they just arnt filling the hole she left. The extra info helps clear up a few things for me. Here are the possibilities for you: — It sounds like she may have actually met another guy before she broke up with you. Many men and women do this when getting out a relationship to avoid being the one left alone and lonely. After the break up, she would have tried to sleep with another man quite quickly to help get over you or at least lessen the pain if she found out that you quickly slept with another woman. If she was willing to leave you for vacating your titles, it shows that she would the type of woman to have an affair while married if the marriage was going through a rough time. A real woman would stick by you, encourage you and give you the time you need to get back on track. The fear of being cheated on or dumped when she was older may have been too much for her. Maybe, in her family like my family BTW , the idea of divorce or separation of family is completely looked down upon and the couple is expected to stick by one another and work things out instead of breaking up a marriage or family. What was it really about? It would be great if you could have that conversation with her and let me know how it goes. Going through your life with a mistaken assumption of why she broke up with you, will only lead to more confusion in future relationships. I talk a lot about that and how to do it in Better Than a Bad Boy. Let me know how you go mate! She told me when things settle down in her life she will come by for a visit to talk. Is it okay for me to ask for clarification? Should I just start seeing other girls and ignore her? I feel she is being genuine in her claims but this is what brings me to my final question. I have a very hard time setting boundaries and standing up for myself. Whats the one thing I can do to empower myself and start garnering REAL respect from the world and be a REAL man? Sign up to watch the free video here: About your question: You already wrote the answer to it in your comment. From now on people have to earn my respect. The best way to do it, is to be assertive, but also be light-hearted about it. You can smile and be light-hearted about it, while being assertive. I proved her wrong and all parties involved backed me up that I never cheated!!! She begged n pleaded me to show her affection which I did, I paid for 4 holidays to go on, she even lived in my house rent free!!! She now is on depression tablets and has no feelings towards me what do ever! She will only call me on her terms. Not when I want to talk!! The other day I found a letter to her ex out lining exactly how he was with her!! It appears she is being with me how he was with her, ignoring, disregard for feelings etc!! Yes, you do need help in doing so. To start with, you need to stop giving her so much power in the situation. She is the woman, not the man. The man is the boss, the leader, the dominant one. Changing what turns her off about you does. Change and she will change how she feels. This is all through texts My friend: Hey, how are you? You say that your busy and ok yeah sometimes you genuinely are with work, and doing other things i get that but you have time to post stuff on facebook daily but not send a text to me in over a month? My friend stopped responding after that. I find having discussions is such a head spin often it snowballs out of control and you end up with more problems than when you began with. Often I think why did I bother saying anything. Honestly mate, that looks like two girls texting back and forth. Yes, there is a lot wrong with how you are approaching women and friendships. Being needy like that will NEVER make women attracted to you or make friends attracted to the idea of contacting you, being around you, etc. You can try to hide neediness by not contacting for a while, but as soon as you interact with the person, they will pick up on your neediness by how you behave, what you say, etc. But for now how do I talk about things that are problematic using emotional words without sounding like a girl as you put it? Is the language you use important? Yes, the language is important. It all comes back to fixing your core issues, rather than thinking you solve deep problems by making superficial changes. All of a sudden, she told me that she needs some space. What do you believe will happen? I am so restless and lost. During the break up, I found out she still has some feelings for her ex although she knows their relationship is toxic for her. When we first got pregnant she was somewhat happy about it and we lost it , but when we got pregnant again, she completely melted and she aborted it. We actually broke up during the second pregnancy. I completely lost sense of my purpose and instead focused on our purpose as a couple big mistake I know. I think she felt me pulling away and got concerned. What should I do to change the course if I want her back eventually? I have been with my girlfriend for four months Because the past two weeks I have become a weak man emotionally needy,taking love, demanding she pulled away and due to my weak behavior she said she will have to think hard about the relationship and I most certainly think it will be a breakup. It is very unlikely she is seeing someone at the moment but she did state that she is hurt because I became demanding for more love from her. What can I do during this break then? I feel like the break will only solidify her belief to make a final break. If you could get back to me that would be great. Believe me, I understand your urgency to get her back, but you need to calm down and go through the steps of the system. As for what you should do during the break that you and her are having, that is explained in Step 2 and 3 of the system! All your questions are answered in during the system. Your problem is not new to me. Your situation is common and all your questions will be answered as you go through the system. I was watching through videos 1,2,3 and 4 and I notice that alot of the dialogues are based on if I am already broken up with her. I know from the video the main reason is my neediness and taking love that caused me to lower her respect for me and that made me panic that led to me acting more clingy and demanding for love. She is hurt by my recent emotionally weak behavior and the likelihood of breakup is very high. In the case of a relationship break, is there another way to contact a girl or is it where a person must break up with her in order to make up with her? After graduating college, we both moved back in with our parents and live ~40min apart from each other. We both work full-time but the issue is that her work schedule is rotating weekly so she is hardly ever free when I am. This is causing a rift in our relationship because we seldom see each other, sometimes only once or twice a month. She said the relationship works when I am there but as soon as I am gone she is back to hating her life and her job. I told her she needs to understand her priorities because all of this came as a shock to me. I thought we were doing okay despite the distance but lately she has been truly unhappy and this did come as somewhat a shock. Be prepared for that. You come across quite well in your comment and it seems as though you already have a fair idea of how to handle women. She wants you to become a real man and a big part of that which she thinks is lacking in you is having purpose in life. She sees you as a lost guy who is hiding from his true potential in life behind her and the relationship. Wow, that was a pretty nasty reaction from her. There are certain things you need to say and do to make that happen. Two years ago I bought her a ring to get engaged, something she had been wanting me to do and finally felt ready to take the plunge. Unfortunately, after making that jump she became more distant and even stopped having sex we had been living together for over 5 years before that. She would take care of me by hand though. She told me it was about her past sex abuse as a young teen and other abandonment issues that she had to resolve and started going to a therapist. She is becoming a therapist herself. Also, the relationship had been getting a bit stale and I was getting upset that she was not seeming to care about my feelings on a number of issues to the point where the lack of sex and her issues caused me to want to leave the relationship. So I left her for 6 months and was brutal about it because I was fed up. I admit to being a d! I moved back in and our relationship has been rocky ever since. I choose to go to a therapist to work on my problems and learn about myself, which is the best thing I ever did. We lived together for 5 months, I had a separate space in the basement with kitchen and bathroom. I have a previous career as a geologist. I admit to being lost right now and am applying for jobs in my previous field. She asked me to move out in the beginning of the summer and I got my own place. I thought we were done, but she has been initiating getting together regularly and we went on out first romantic vacation ever as she has a teenage daughter and we never had time to get away. All of a sudden, after the vacation she wants space for 2 weeks. She had also said since ending marriage therapy that she wanted the freedom to date, but she never did so far. Oddly though she set a date to get back together and share how time apart made us feel. We both promised to keep a journal. She says this is a science experiment. We had amazing sex the last night before the break and even took all kinds of sexy photos together. Do you think she is wanting to follow through on finding a guy and dumping me or am I just over thinking it? For a guy in your situation, the solution is to start seeing other women. Beating her to punch will allow you to get some level of control back over the relationship. I need you to stay out of my life and let me move on. BTW: That is not the strategy from my. So two days ago i complain about how i always got to ask for sex. Her respond was you always make it about sex. We had a arugement next day that i know its my fault that i regret. So she went to work and ignored me all day didnt come home she went to parents house to sleep next day she ignores me all day and all dhe tells me is that its over but she will always love me but that she cant be with me that she wants to be left alone and needs her space. So i asked her y u feel like that she respond saying you have change your ways more than before but i just feel like our relationship is boring i ask her how am i making it boring she said i dont know! In fact, it will make her lose more respect and attraction for you, which will cause her to fall out of love with you even more. Secondly I would appreciate your take on a matter please. Yeah but any advice would be greatly appreciated. All that is explained in Better Than a Bad Boy, which is definitely the program for you: What I teach you in that program will make her change her behavior around you and start chasing you more. Sorry to hear of the passing of your wife. I can only imagine how devastating of an experience that must have been. She also said we should not say it to anyone that we where on a break and explained that after the break was over we could press play again. We did agree not to tell anyone about this and so on. She also wanted to see how life was without me. The day she told me she needed space she also started talking to a dude that she met trough here sister, wich is also the bestfriend of here sisters boyfriend a week before this happent. He was saying what she needed to hear and i did not step it up.. Now, the next day she knew he was going to stay over at here sisters place for one night and guess what, she went there to. She said to me that she was going there, but when i asked who was there she did not answhere, she was hiding that he was there to. So i though well am gonna take it easy and let here be alone and tomorrow am gonna step it up and fix all this bullshit. A long story short, she broke up with me later that night, and a few hours later she did sleep with him. Now the next day i was missing here like crazy, it was the worst feeling in the world, little did i know that it was about to be a hundred time worse…. I finaly got a hold of here, and we desided to meet up at my place. It was the best feeling in the world to see here again, she told me she had the worst night of here life and that the only thing she was thinking of was me and she missed me so mutch. Now i came clean and told here how sorry i was for all the fighting, and things will get mutch better. I knew then that this is the girl i want to be with for the rest of my life. But then came the BOMB. I asked here who was there last night, she said his name and i immediately knew what did happen by the tone of here voice. Again a long story short, we did fight and talked alot that day, but we have been together every day since then. But am not sure what to do now, i feel like i cant trust here, what has happent realy? I asked here why did you sleep with him, she says she wanted to get over me, and this was the only way, but she did not want to sleep with him, and at one point she said stop, but a few mins after that he was at here again. But then again i love here so deeply. And the same has happent for me in past relationships, that i got more feelings, but that was after cheating. Essentially, you need to kick into action and start making her realize how great of a guy you are. If you were always arguing and fighting and you currently have a bunch of insecurities about the relationship, it will literally tear things apart again, argument by argument. S Whats going on Dan I need your advice on a a situation with my ex girlfriend. We offically have broken up 6 months ago but we was trying to make it work. In the last 6 months there was alot of arguing about different things. About two months ago she told me she has been on dates with two other guys and I got mad about it at first which lead into a argument then i thought about it and that how i wasnt suppose to act but then I Told her thats fine. Even thought it was eating me up inside. Through out these months I was trying to leave her alone becuase I can tell the respect was gone like how she talks to me when she is mad, She even told me she got in contact with her ex again and that she has a friend that she dates, she told me and she also said alot of other things that a guy would not want to hear from a girl that he loves. But she gets mad becuase she hates to hear about me talking to another girl or seeing alot of girls like my statuses of on facebook or comment on them. I Told her I didnt care what she saw been going out on dates so how can she get mad. But after that she told me for the first time the guy she been dating she started to have feelins for. Then I Sent her a reply on facebook saying basicaly how can she do that after the 2. Then she responded back saying how am I suppose to feel when I hear you talking to other girls and I didnt respond back until today on facebook. I apologized for how I sent her that message on facebook. I kept it real and told her told her It was a tough pill to swallow hearing the girl you love have feelins for another guy after all the history we have and been trying to work but I told her its ok and I told her it was going to be a lesson learned for me and i told her to move on. Now Im not the type of guy to call her constantly and beg her to be with me and tell her to stop talking to the guy she likes becuase I have to much pride to do that I would get mad and tell you to move on like I did but its tough right now to know that. To be honest she is a good girl and I do want her in my life as my girlfriend and possibly my future wife its like she wants to be with just me but I am doing some things wrong to get her back and I dont know how to fix it. I would rather not talk to her at all then try to get her back and do it all wrong stuff. By reading your articles Im guessing Im not passing her tests and she lost respect which lead her in to liking another guy but she tries to keep in contact with me. I Want her back I just dont know how to fix it. I just want to be the only guy she has feelings for again. I want her like how your girlfriend treats you lol. Not getting mad about it was not the right thing to do. You should have stood up for yourself and for the trust in your relationship. Cheating on you like that is simply not acceptable. If she was an honest, trustworthy woman, she would have at least broken up with you before beginning to see other guys. Most-likely it was to keep you single while she tries to move on before you. The reason why I couldnt really say anything about her going out with guys and catching feelins for another guy becuase she wasnt offiacly my girl. Would it be best to buy Get your ex back system and Better Than a Bad Boy? We have been going out for 4 years and she broke it off with me few months ago. I have been trying to get back with ever since. My friends told me to just let her be and let her do her own thing etc.. I didnt really listen to them, instead i did everything i could to get her back ie. They talk alot on the phone, in the morning she would call him before going to work, as well as she would go to his place after work almost 3-4x a week and spend atleast 5 hours or more at his place. He leaves on his own by the way. So then this just keeps going and going. I actually drove by to his place a few times saw her car there and never say anything. One night around 11:30pm i drove by and saw them together again and they saw me, so i went down and confronted both of them. They say that nothing is happening that they were just hanging out. So im not sure whats going on between them but they wouldnt give me an answer. The 3rd month she still hangs out with him almost everyday now. And she actually slept over at his place one day. So 2 days after I went to the my friends house and talk to him. He said the same thing that nothing is happening. At this point I really want to believe him but i dont and my ex gf is mad at because i said alot of bad stuff about her and also to the guy. I also talk to the guys ex gf. I really need your help on getting my ex gf back. Is she using him as a rebound or what not?.. It seems to me she really likes him. I dont know what to do. All i want is her back in my arms again and i will make sure to treat her right this time. The reason of our break up is she said i took her for granted etc. I never cheated on or anything.. She wanted assurance, she said i didnt really love her as much as she loves me. But i really wana work things out and be with her. I have been like this for over a few months. Never call me again! My ex of 9 years broke up with me nearly 6 weeks back. We were going through a very stressful time, moving from one house to another, ended up at our respective relatives homes for a bit. Then everything went pear shaped and it became very stressful. She suffers from depression and I think she literally just signed off emotionally. We were in contact a lot initially, and even saw each other a few times too, went for meals etc and then just last week she moved 4 hours away to her parents. Communication has lessened and last time I heard from her was yesterday morning. I was always 100% committed. So now, other than improving myself socially, facing fears and such. How should I approach this whole thing. I onow i need to develop my skills for affection, but cant really do this without her presence. It kills me to not have heard at all off her since yesterday morning. A woman wants to be able to relax into your masculine direction, rather than having to carry you at times or most of the time. To me, it sounds like you were providing financially, but not emotionally. She was able to finally see it from her eyes. I saw all of the holes that I failed to fill. Show interest in her, but only if she agrees with the meet up. But I kept things a little more sporadic, less predictable. You mention about your programme, is there a cheaper alternative to it? But I definitely want to go through it, help me improve. What matters is whether you are making her feel attraction and respect for you when you interact with her. No, there is no cheaper alternative for my program. Now I know what to do and want a second chance. She does hope that we get back together but wants to be 100% sure before doing it because it we do…she wants to make it work too. She reaches out to me maybe once a week and eventhough we live in a huge city, we end up running into eachother. She would like it to work organically but keeps saying I need a bit more time. I need to focus on my new job and be all about me right now. However by the time I get to the first date things seem to fall to pieces. I am not really sure why though. Which product could help me improve on this? The only way to improve is if I can figure out the mistake I made and improve from there. However the more I look around the more this idea seems to be a pipe dream. Maybe if I had an 18 year old girl this could work. However the age difference could cause problems of its own im 27. Whats your opinion on this? Yet, most modern women lose their virginity quite young and have sex all the way through life until they settle down with one man. At the core of it, feeling that way is based on an insecurity about not being good enough compared to the other guys. In life, you are always better off fixing your insecurities and being emotionally healthy and strong, instead of trying to look for ways around your insecurities. My GF of 4 years and I moved overseas 6 months ago. We had a great life set up where we left, living together in a little flat,good jobs etc, she had been completing a degree while studying full time and I was working full time so I provided a lot of support as she had so much on but our lives were great. She had little time for socialising but I had my best friends around. Moving overseas was a mutual decision but definitely more her dream than mine. Things were a lot tougher than we expected and finding work was really hard. My confidence took a hit but I hid it from her and kept a positive attitude as she was finding it tough too. I never stopped loving her for a minute. We caught up every week since the break up and it was comforting of course. The next week I messages her and we met up. We had a very open conversation and both told each other how much we still loved each other. We shared a very long amazing kiss and many tears but then left each other. A week later for the first time ever I became jealous of her possibly meeting someone new and it ate away at me. I realised my best option would be to leave the country and return to where we had lived. I called and told her this and she was very upset. Then the next day we met up and I asked her flat out if she would consider dating me again. She said she would be open to it but needed some space as the last few weeks had been so full on thanks to my craziness back and forward. This was on a Friday. On the Monday she said we should take a month and I should really think about where I want to go in life and whether I want to be in the city where we are. She still said she is open to dating again after this time. I told her I already knew I wanted to be here with her, if not I would return home. She again said she just needed some time and space to process things. This was a week ago. I tried hard not to contact her at all but sent 2 messages, both very casual and not to do with us getting back together, one was just to ask her to transfer some money I was waiting for. That was last night. Today I sent her a message just having I hope everything is ok and that she can reply to a text without causing me to meltdown. Do you have any thoughts on this? When do you ever text the wrong person by accident? Very rarely, if ever. She did that to make you feel jealous and as though you were losing her. She was thinking about you in that moment and wanted to reach out in some way. It was likely a drunken attempt to get you to come and meet up with her that night, or at least chat to her and make her feel wanted. At this point, it sounds like she will begin sleeping with other men to get you out of her mind. If possible, you need to meet up with her as soon as possible, have sex and tell her how much you love her. You need to stop holding back your feelings and just love her fearlessly i. Texts are easily misinterpreted — just call her. However, make sure you are prepared. If you make the classic mistakes that almost all guys make when trying to get an ex back, it will push her further away. Watch the full 10 hours of this program before contacting her: Since she has moved to another city, you will need to do a rapid reconciliation while you are there for the weekend. My system includes the instructions for that. I messaged her when i saw the message and asked what did i do, u dont wanna see me again? Now, we have gone out the last 3 weeks, seeing each other twice a week and been intimate most the time. Our dates have been awesome, we have both had a great time, no fights, no problems. She has told me that she is going to live overseas in a years time shes from thailand and she told me last week that she waas starting to get feelings that she hasnt felt in a long time for a guy. Im guessing she is getting scared about getting attached knowing she has to go back home in a year. What can i do mate? Ive started to fall in love with her and i wont give up yet… I was thinking of sending flowers in 2 weeks time, or messaging her or calling her. I have to stay with this guy. She is in a relationship with a human and is feeling like she needs to get away from that relationship. The first part of your comment started out pretty typical and it sounded like a standard case of the woman losing feelings of respect and attraction for the guy and wanting to get away. Then, she is saying that has feelings for you and is worried about that. Women do NOT try to break up with guys they want to be with. Her initial attempt to break up with you was real. Then, you wooed her back and she felt good, but deep down, she still knew she wanted to break up with you. That way, you still feel like there is hope and she can string you along while she tries to find another guy. I repeat: Women do NOT try to break up with guys they want to be with. We got hooked on synthetic marijuana together tho and this lead to problems. I havent been able to hold a job coz of this and she has supported me.. I lived at her house all this time 2 years with her family. Enough was enough so I started living back at my own place, then the space was asked for. I found out she had been texting another guy she had histort with also, but has not cheated. I now have a steady job and income but the space factor is still there, im also clean. I will do anything in my power to prove myself but just feel as though its not being recognized.. I see myself having a long future with this girl, but also cant wait forever. She cut ties with this other guy once I asked her to and promises she really does still love me whether I believe it or not. So, her still wanting space means that she is trying to create enough time and distance between you and her in the hope that you get over her, or that she can get a new boyfriend and then tell you to leave her alone. If you want her back, you need to make her feel respect and attraction for you again. You can do that during a simple phone call and then get her to meet up with you. The last year has been rough to put it simply, I began to deeply struggle with alcohol about a year ago it was not only the demise of friends but a relationship that meant everything to me, this issue altered my life. Long story short I was forgiven or so I thought, we got back together upon her seeking me. I should be worries about you? Literally as I type this comment this has been my week: A month ago I committed into not having to make her fall in love with me all over because I know she does but rather fall in love with this relationship again. There has not been a stirred up innocent that I fall on the fault side of. Since this there have been exactly 3 things that proved me to be right with my doubts. This last Wednesday 5th it was our 2yr anniversary which she would miss for a work trip. She got back to her room about 2 am honestly not really regretting a whole lot. I feel like a fool in love that should take a damn clue, this is someone who I thought could be my forever mate one day. Basically, am I in a joke of a relationship? She has put you into the position of chasing her, when she actually wants to be chasing you. ALL women will eventually pull back their interest to test how a guy reacts. If you react by chasing, becoming emotionally needy and giving her the power, it rapidly erodes away at her feelings of respect and attraction for you. If I was in your situation, I would laugh at her for not wanting to catch up. Women in their 20s are not too young to settle down either. The day we met was like the day we knew. We have always been together, always done things together, we have talked and we are fairly open with each other. And regardless does not matter now, she met me. We both really do love each other. We have always been very happy together but I traveled 2800miles across the country to college. She knows what she wants in her life. We both want a family and marriage and stuff, we both really wanna settle down. We click u could say. We really enjoy each others company This Long distance is killing us tho. We are both getting pretty tense with each other. I have another 10 months to go before I see her. Keep in mind the longest we ever went away from each other was 2 weeks. We r 2800miles apart and havent seen each other in 2. We both miss each other and we are both in love. There is hope for you, but you do need to approach your side of things properly. To survive a long distance relationship, you have to be the sort of guy that she WANTS to wait for…not the sort of guy who tries to convince her and plead with her to wait. Being the guy that she will want to wait for means having an AMAZING life outside of your relationship with her. The best way to do that is to get clear on your purpose in life and go after that with unrelenting determination, while ALSO giving SOME time, attention and love to her. I was drinking too much and money always seemed to be an issue even though I made enough for us to live comfortably. But a couple months before we ended I started to get suspicious she was seeing someone else while living with me. One night I caught her being dropped off at the house late by him and I became angry and kicked her out. He came back and got her that night. She came and got some her things the next day. We have spoken and seen each other several times since she left and even had dinners and gone to the movies together and had a great time with each other. So I was giving her space. She came over last week to get some things she left and finally admitted that she was living with the guy she cheated on me with and has been since the night she left. So I guess all the talk about not being a healthy enough for a relationship was a lie. She says she still needs time to heal, but is living with this guy. Will it be the best way to get her to come back to me. I have begged her several times buh she always tell me she is nt yet ready to come back and that she will come back soon.. I am emotionally down…and beging often is what I want to stop…pls wat she I do.. What she is essentially saying is that you need to have more purpose in life outside of her. A man needs to have purpose in life and go after that with unrelenting determination, while ALSO giving love, time and attention to his woman, family and friends. She wants you to stand up and be more of a man in life and with her. Watch this: It sounds like you need to learn the fundamentals of how to actually attract a woman. At the moment, it sounds like you would be turning her off with your needy, insecure energy and approach. Fixing the fighting is really about learning to love and respect each other again. In terms of getting her to respect you, have a read of this: You can get her back again, but it will require you to make some changes to the way you communicate with her, behave around her and demonstrate your love. Even though our relationship was amazing at the start, it just gets better and better every year that we're together. That's how it is supposed to be. So, if you are having relationship or marriage problems with your woman, I am here to help you fix that right now! I have discovered the secret to making a relationship last for life with a woman.

Obviously traumatised by this which was difference to her, I have tryed sic to accept this. Before worrying that the relationship is over, consider strategies that help you respect her wishes while keeping the lines of communication open. We have been going out for 4 years and she broke it off with me few caballeros ago. Last night I got a chance to speak with her. He was saying what she needed to hear and i did not step it up. Even thought it was eating me up inside. I messaged her when i saw the message and asked what did i do, u dont wanna see me again. You prime her to let you know her every thought, her every feeling, her every inclination, her every opinion, desire, mood and motivation. Agreeing to some time apart is a sucker move. I finaly got a hold of here, and we desided to meet up at my place. Solo, in her family like my family BTWthe idea of divorce or separation of family is completely looked down upon and the couple is expected to stick by one another and work things out instead of breaking up a marriage or family. Well we lived together for the next 2 and a too years all the while her sex drive diminished more and more as time went on.


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