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How To Repost an Item on LetGo

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If you use Windows Phone, sadly, you may have a long wait before letgo becomes available. People have the audacity to request delivery on free items. Letgo There are dozens of ways to sell your used stuff these days.

How To Sell On Letgo? This avoids cluttering of products and thereby you can search for your wanted products easily.

What is Letgo?

DO NOT Sell on this app if you're professional about business, live a private life, and don't want provocative Men trying to contact you about buying an item but instead trying to go on a date with you, and you have a Boyfriend. So I was selling a 8 Ft. I'm home all day so whatever time is good for you. Also I'll be in town handling some other business we can meet at McDonald's sounds good? Maybe tomorrow we can meet, or I'll have my Sister meet up with you, and purchase the item from you. What size do you where in jeans? I bet you have a nice body? For now on I'm only doing online selling, and shipping. I've listed multiple items to sell on Letgo and Offer Up and I've sold everything on offer up. With Letgo there must be a glitch in the app because I constantly get people saying they're interested and then I message them back and they don't respond OR they have no idea what I'm talking about. This app has not been useful at all and just caused me unnecessary aggravation. I constantly get messages from buyers in error. And I have also sent several sellers messages in error just from thumbing through site. Have no idea how it happens. It's almost like they need more message activity to show investors or something. I have sold one item in two years, I like concept but it isnt thought through, not well executed. Site is annoying with nuisance messages alert all the time. Time for me to delete this app. Lorine 2+year used app for buying and selling To hell with letgo... I think letgo uses bots to simulate and potential buyer. I tried to close my account... I'd list my sh t with the Taliban before Letgo.. Months ago I was so unhappy with uncooperative, unwieldy, out of date Letgo, that I posted all that unhappiness in a review on Sitejabber. So I left Letgo, and started a sales life elsewhere... Months later, Letgo got the message, and oh boy, it's now a breeze. Even using my old android tablet, no issues!!! Let's hope all this lasts. Also, after several years selling on the web: I never, ever take a check. Never heard from him again. Just advice from a long time seller----no checks ever. How can you create a site and not protect people from scam artists. That guy is a piece of garbage to have tried to do that to me thankfully I'm sure he will be getting his back Well to start with. Without a lot of Trouble.. But if you look at anything on the site it Lies to the seller telling them your interested. And of course they reply back and you have to explain your not buying just looking and it's a Huge Mess.. I'm selling a Harley and I'm getting the same thing happening to me.. Oh yeah and another thing if you have anything of value DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!! TRUST ME YOU WILL BE SORRY. They will pester you with Stupid questions and RIDICULOUS offers not even on the same planet. This site is not worth the Hassle. Oh and Yet one MORE thing. So my second time using the app. I thought I should give it another try. The first time, I loaded many items on app and was easy with my prices. I got one offer on about 6 things in a week. The offer wasn't very good. Now the second time I have video games. I respond with follow-up.. Complete waste of my time as a seller and am going to sell them on Ebay instead. There are ample reviews describing the numerous technical problems with this app. Top complaint is receiving pings around the clock, primarily from letgo and not buyers. As a seller I can say it's a complete waste of time. People have the audacity to request delivery on free items. Edit an ad and it will likely be flagged as a duplicate listing and deleted. Craigslist is far more efficient. If you use this app, only accept cash. I'm a seller and I've sold many things on the site. Yes buyers will haggle over the price but that is expected as I'm selling use items. Everyone I've meet have been nice. That includes people I've meet outdoors and people who came to pick up large items. Treat the site like an online garage sell and only take cash. I don't take checks or money orders only cash. Just like a garage sell cash only, but haggling is ok I wouldn't recommend trusting most people on this site maybe few are decent, Each to his or her own though please be mindful with who you meet on the app, personally I was trolled by different strangers on the site due to my preference in my photo also my opinion regarding creepy messages and flaky buyers , The Letgo team didn't help or look into it they seemed to allowed it, In fact, they ignored it instead of stepping in like I saw them do for other people on the site certain times for situations that we're not that serious. Take heed to keep in mind stranger danger!! I take good pictures, edit them well, insert Text Boxes with KEY information.... Within the first 3 days I had 23 likes... I did finally sell to a very nice lady who followed my advice and rented a Home Depot Flatbed to get it home. How do you stop getting notices for Searched Items? At first I looked to get a feel for the APP... I get new notices all the time for items that I searched. Note to those who are considering this.... Today, people have little integrity... LETGO needs to up their game, improve their searches, improve the functionality for the end user to be able to Manage their own account versus actions being locked into stone, leading to frustration and deletion of the APP... I don't know who writes the search algorithm for this site but they need to go back to school. When you search for anything you end up with dozens of absolutely non related items. If you log on from your PC you can't get your messages that you have on your app version. Offerup, on the other hand, works much better. Still a few issues but they actually give you the items you're looking for. I am fed up with bots and people who want to get something for nothing. This is not a good site to sell nice items. First and foremost , Letgo should remove those quick response buttons especially the one that says I'm interested. Usually the people are far away so it means they don't even read the ad. Craig's list is much more user friendly in making connections. There are no worthless click on buttons. People have to know how to write. There are the usual suspects on any selling site but you just have to be careful. Only take cash, bank check or money order. Meet at a public place.

How to use Letgo app on Windows Mobile phone. You can also get offers and discount on a limbo. Without a lot of Trouble. SHOP FOR NEW AND SECOND HAND ITEMS within your neighborhood. Letgo is a reputable company with millions of users. FAQ: Where can I get a good Letgo clone script app. This process will enable you to create your own account, which will con the future transactions that you commit to on the app. You want to run a letgo app on your computer, then you need to download Android emulator called Bluestacks is the popular android emulator used to run Android apps on your How to post on letgo on Windows, Laptop. I'm home all day so whatever glad is good for you.


released December 19, 2018


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