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Owners of land in general have all the rights of exclusive ownership, to use the land as they wish. However, it has total control of economic resources within its exclusive economic zone as well as those on or under its continental shelf.

Before the socialist era, national and industrial architecture scarcely crossed paths, and were regarded as antithetic, if not mutually exclusive. This exclusive offer allows up to two adults and two children entry at selected race meetings across the country, throughout the year. Other Presbyterians, however, such as the Reformed Presbyterians, would practice a cappella exclusive psalmody, as well as eschew the celebration of holy days.

Apart from regular water sports cliff diving is an added exclusive special attraction of the place. I'm not trying to be exclusive and I'm not saying that the really queenie guy is a bad thing. Dysania and depression are mutually exclusive in the sense that a person can suffer from both at the same time. No doubt others will pitch in tomorrow, but the Indy, which has the exclusive on this, is full of the joys of spring. The door to my room had in fact been shifted a yard forward to give me exclusive use of this less than desirable ablutionary facility. I beg that someone will recognise my abasement and meet my very human but mutually exclusive needs. Who can focus, in newsrooms abuzz with today's excitements, on last month's story, which is not going to be exclusive anyway? Apparently, many journos disliked his doing an exclusive deal with a paper and refusing to talk to them at the World Cup. They will act accordingly, not wanting to damage their chances of an exclusive in the future. Jam pot lids are the unlikely inspiration for the fashion designer's exclusive range of handbags and belts. It is great value with exclusive queue-jumping privileges at some attractions. Since the second meeting also assembled a quorum, the two plenums yielded two mutually exclusive, but equally valid, results. Their trump card is a close link with the government which can give them quick and exclusive access to official news and information. Check out a clip from this exclusive interview with SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace at the 2014 Savannah Film Festival. I got my hands on an exclusive early test run of the Amiigo, a health gadget that automatically tracks gym exercises. In an exclusive, a Cartagena cabdriver recounts his morning after with the women involved in the Secret Service scandal. By contrast, not too long ago, a gentleman checked into an exclusive bora bora resort with his mistress. Of course, the entire piece was less an exclusive and more a bold-faced lie. In the wee hours of Christmas morning, a flight deal was shared in an exclusive Facebook group for urban travelers. The new business offers an exclusive range of designer fabrics, wallcoverings and soft furnishings including names such as Malabar, Crowson, Nono, Anna French and Sanderson. Show More Sentences Stop acting like you have exclusive insights into Aboriginality just because in the 70s when it was trendy you went and hung out with a few Aboriginal people. This occurred following an insistence by the European Commission that exclusive rights should not be sold to one television company. The organising committee had been able to create such a surplus in part by selling exclusive sponsorship rights to select companies. The appreciation of microtiming seems to be an exclusive pleasure for the music elite. Exclusive means that the devolved administration has exclusive powers in this policy area. In 2006 Nujoma established Ancash Investments, which obtained seven exclusive uranium prospecting licenses. For the first several years of my exclusive career in powerlifting, I couldn't bench too well. Dominick Dunne would arrive on the scene for an exclusive interview in Vanity Fair. Could a book deal be far behind? In point of fact command of the sea and a fleet in being are mutually exclusive terms. Ecclesiastical courts had exclusive jurisdiction over matters such as marriage, contracts made on oath, inheritance and legitimacy. Another controversial issue was the king's exclusive patronage of a small group of royal favourites. The crown could also rely on the exclusive use of those functions that constituted the royal prerogative. Unlike his father, Feodor had no enthusiasm in maintaining exclusive trading rights with England. Since the 1990s, the City has diversified away from near exclusive office use in other ways. It was, however, not an exclusive location for trading, as trading also occurred in the Rotunda of the Bank of England. The Liverpool and Manchester Railway opened in 1830 making exclusive use of steam power for both passenger and freight trains. It opened to the public on 27 March 2008, and British Airways and its partner company Iberia have exclusive use of this terminal. According to geologists, the Bay of Bengal holds large untapped gas reserves in Bangladesh' exclusive economic zone. In Canada, debate has focused on whether the local majority language should be made the exclusive language of public business. While these customs were unique to Russian culture, they were not exclusive to this region. Show More Sentences He fell in love with the cheese and made a business arrangement that granted the Bell Inn exclusive marketing rights to Blue Stilton. His presence as an exclusive performer of sailor songs did much to establish sea music as a revival genre apart from or within folk music. The club was extremely exclusive and featured thick fog, a dreamy atmosphere and acid house. Rich, a financier, giving them an exclusive license for recording and reproducing sound pictures under the Western Electric system. The Americans have the exclusive rights for the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Russia. It now has a commercial rival called TalkSport, but this has not acquired anywhere near as many exclusive contracts as Sky Sports. Since the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, the nearby Lisburn Road has developed into the city's most exclusive shopping strip. Although distinct, these ranks were not utterly exclusive castes like those of India. The Liverpool and Manchester Railway opened a year later making exclusive use of steam power for passenger and goods trains. A patent on this process was issued in 1949 and exclusive license was granted to the Halliburton Oil Well Cementing Company. Itinerant preachers carried both the open and exclusive brethren to North America after the middle of the 19th century. Ayckbourn used the pseudonym 'Peter Caulfield' because he was under exclusive contract to the BBC at the time. Indeed, the exclusive economic zone is still popularly, though erroneously, called a coastal nation's territorial waters. However, it has total control of economic resources within its exclusive economic zone as well as those on or under its continental shelf. The exact extent of exclusive economic zones is a common source of conflicts between states over marine waters. Greece has claimed an exclusive economic zone, as it is entitled to do so, as per UNCLOS 1982 as well as customary international law. The United Kingdom's exclusive economic zone is the fifth largest in the world at 6,805,586 square km. It comprises the exclusive economic zones surrounding the United Kingdom, the Crown Dependencies, and the British Overseas Territories. The exclusive economic zones associated with the Falkland Islands and South Georgia are disputed by Argentina. In 1775, the standing British Army, exclusive of militia, comprised 45,123 men worldwide, made up of 38,254 infantry and 6,869 cavalry. Show More Sentences Elsewhere it is stated that home ranges are less strictly maintained during winter but hunting grounds are basically exclusive. Females tend to be more sedentary than males, as they require an exclusive hunting area when raising kittens. Both names continued in use until the 15th century, when Wester Ross became the exclusive term. There are several specialist tribunals in Scotland which often have exclusive jurisdiction over cases relevant to their remit. In England the exclusive jurisdiction of deciding rights to arms, and claims of descent, is vested in the Court of Chivalry. The term is normally applied to poets writing in Scots although it need not be exclusive to Scottish writers. Kays has been the exclusive manufacturer of curling stones for the Olympics since the 2006 Winter Olympics. Added to this, the uninterrupted, immediate and exclusive practice of the new language reinforces and deepens the attained knowledge. Otherwise, one government entity will have exclusive jurisdiction over the shared area. Various methods of feeding exist among and within species, some apparently exclusive to a single population. In May 2017, it was announced that Talksport had secured exclusive national radio rights to the English Football League. Certain dishes exclusive to Punjab, such as makki di roti and sarson da saag. Later in March, they performed the record in its entirety through an exclusive stream on their website. The area is within the exclusive economic zones of Ireland and the United Kingdom. The ear and the muzzle contain a bone shape that is exclusive to cetaceans with a high density, resembling porcelain. This is often consumed exclusive of other breakfast foods, though it's typically accompanied by coffee. This is the 3rd largest exclusive economic zone of the European Union and the 11th largest in the world. Outside of countries' exclusive economic zones, fishing is difficult to control. A notable example is the cod wars where Britain used its navy to protect its trawlers fishing in Iceland's exclusive economic zone. Also different from the first war, the North Sea was no longer the exclusive territory of the Allies. Show More Sentences In 1951, Frisian language activists, protesting the exclusive use of Dutch in the courts, caused a riot in Leeuwarden. It also gave her a bonus in exchange for exclusive rights to her personal story. These are not perceived as mutually exclusive, but rather mutually interconnected. International waters can be contrasted with internal waters, territorial waters and exclusive economic zones. This exclusive economic zone does not include the Australian Antarctic Territory. Its exclusive economic zone is one of the largest in the world, covering more than 15 times its land area. The functions of art described above are not mutually exclusive, as many of them may overlap. Opposites do not have to be mutually exclusive, and we are not obliged to choose one or the other. In other parts of Europe, sovereign rulers arrogated to themselves the exclusive prerogative to act as fons honorum within their realms. In Finland, reindeer husbandry is not exclusive and is practiced to a limited degree also by ethnic Finns. In almost all federations the central government enjoys the powers of foreign policy and national defense as exclusive federal powers. Since then explorations lost the private nature, taking place under the exclusive of the Portuguese Crown. Medications are typically produced by pharmaceutical companies and are often patented to give the developer exclusive rights to produce them. Even in the former case, the exclusive use of an exonym may be unhelpful for the map user. The bull was the exclusive letter format from the Vatican until the 14th century, when the papal brief appeared. Some of these competencies are not exclusive, but shared with the Generalitat de Catalunya or the central Spanish government. The Inter caetera and the following Treaty of Tordesillas defined and delineated a zone of Spanish rights exclusive of Portugal. Though the most exclusive and interesting is probably the Rio Yacht club, where high society makes it a point to congregate. The most exclusive course is that of the Tres Vidas Golf Club, designed by Robert von Hagge. It proclaimed a meridian in the Atlantic Ocean, with areas west of the line exclusive to Spain, and east of the line to Portugal. Show More Sentences I called Andropov, who at that time was Chief of KGB, and informed him of the exclusive recipe of smallpox obtained on Vozrazhdenie Island. By the Late Classic, the aristocracy had greatly increased, resulting in the corresponding reduction in the exclusive power of the divine king. Fashion brands within the luxury goods market tend to be concentrated in exclusive or affluent districts of cities around the world. The 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas with the Spanish granted Portugal exclusive rights to the half of the world where black pepper originated. Formally, they present an exclusive disjunction, a pair of alternatives of which only one is acceptable. Anglicans argued that the land was meant for their exclusive use, while other denominations demanded that it be divided among them. There is no single Patriarch with exclusive authority comparable to the Pope in Rome. Legislatures observe and steer governing actions and usually have exclusive authority to amend the budget or budgets involved in the process. The Supreme Court has original and exclusive jurisdiction over cases between two or more states, but may decline to hear such cases. In Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and Anglican cathedrals there is a special chair set aside for the exclusive use of the bishop. This section granted all the provinces, including Quebec, the exclusive power to legislate with respect to private civil law matters. The broad misappropriation doctrine relied upon by the district court is, therefore, the equivalent of exclusive rights in copyright law. As a result of the three Carnatic Wars, the British East India Company gained exclusive control over the entire Carnatic region of India. A copyright gives the creator of an original work exclusive rights to it, usually for a limited time. Criminal law in Canada falls under the exclusive legislative jurisdiction of the federal government. The federal government has exclusive jurisdiction over the substance of marriage and divorce. The European Union is not considered a state, but it enjoys the power to legislate in many areas, with exclusive power in some areas. Owners of land in general have all the rights of exclusive ownership, to use the land as they wish. Verdezyne will supply its bio-based adipic acid to Universal Fiber Systems for certain exclusive fields of use. After spending four nights in Anguilla before heading to the exclusive island of Mustique, the pair rounded off their holiday at St Lucia. Show More Sentences The Weedol Power Sprayer, which is new for this year, is an exclusive and unique battery-operated spray applicator for Weedol weedkillers. Readers have the chance to win one of 10 exclusive prize packs which include a Wild windbreaker jacket and baseball cap. Wingback chairs, like the Sturbridge exclusive option, offer high backs and supportive arms. Navy has selected ArmorWorks as the exclusive provider of upgraded armor for its Landing Craft, Air Cushion hovercraft. The court held, inter alia, that the ALJ has exclusive jurisdiction to decide whether an injury is compensable. Macy's is proud to introduce three exclusive red dresses, designed by Kensie, Calvin Klein and XOXO in honor of American Heart Month. The revenue procedure is intended by the IRS to provide the exclusive procedures for the adoption of methods to amortize package design costs. For Cesar is a member of an exclusive society having been granted the honour of Keeper of the Quaich. Over at her exclusive Jalouse bash this week I hear Mariah cocked up big time when Topshop boss SIR PHILLIP GREEN ran over to introduce himself. In 1985, they entered into a contract with JFK to be the exclusive provider of such services at the hospital's new cancer treatment center. A sneak peek of the publication was distributed Memorial Day weekend, through an exclusive on-board partnership with the Hampton Jitney. The bull conferred exclusive trading rights to the Portuguese between Morocco and the Indies with the rights to conquer and convert the inhabitants. Since 1995, Heng Long has been supplying its products through exclusive and non-exclusive agents to luxury fashion houses and high-end watchstrap makers. A 1988 treaty demarcates the boundary of the exclusive economic zones across the continental shelf from the south Irish Sea southwest to the Celtic Sea. He had his own court, and almost exclusive jurisdiction over his men. The concept of the consignment of exclusive spheres of influence to certain nation states was extended to the Americas in 1493 by Pope Alexander VI with Inter caetera. Countries of the Iberian Peninsula were pioneers in this process, seeking exclusive property and exploration rights over lands discovered and to be discovered. However, many women dressed as men during the Golden Age of Piracy, in an effort to take advantage of the many rights, privileges, and freedoms that were exclusive to men. Furthermore, despite the fact that at its height, the British fielded some 56,000 men in the colonies exclusive of mercenaries and militia, they lacked sufficient numbers. Enclosure could be accomplished by buying the ground rights and all common rights to accomplish exclusive rights of use, which increased the value of the land. Show More Sentences However, this is not the exclusive definition or requirement of the term. An early proponent of developing vehicles to cater to different needs and markets worldwide, Honda's lineup varies by country and may have vehicles exclusive to that region. The first inter city passenger railway, Liverpool and Manchester Railway, opened in 1830, making exclusive use of steam power for both passenger and freight trains. King Juan Carlos of Spain famously weighs anchor at this former fishing village, where he dines on caldereta de langosta, a lobster soup exclusive to this part of the island. As with many European states, a regional identity, be it linguistically derived or otherwise, is not mutually exclusive with the broader national one. These encierros, as well as other bull and bullock related activities are not exclusive to Pamplona but are traditional in many towns and villages of the Basque country. Other Presbyterians, however, such as the Reformed Presbyterians, would practice a cappella exclusive psalmody, as well as eschew the celebration of holy days. Edelbrock already owns the exclusive right to market the product worldwide, with certain exceptions, to the automotive and motorcycle aftermarkets. This made poetry an exclusive occupation of the noble classes. Moreover, Conrad himself came from a social class that claimed exclusive responsibility for state affairs, and from a very politically active family. Figurative art and total abstraction are almost mutually exclusive. In addition to most channels from the Sky Multichannels package, Sky Digital launched with several new channels that were exclusive to the digital offer. A coastal nation has control of all economic resources within its exclusive economic zone, including fishing, mining, oil exploration, and any pollution of those resources. Metal music is no longer the exclusive domain of male teenagers. In October 2003, he announced that he had signed an exclusive agreement to perform 75 shows over three years at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip. Thus, the exclusive economic zones includes the contiguous zone. Specsavers has joined up with Sydney designer, Alex Perry to create an exclusive range of spectacle frames while Big W stocks frames designed by Peter Morrissey. The most exclusive luxury brands are seeking their share of the klondike. Despite the survey, the company was unable to secure an exclusive patent from the States General for the area between the 38th and 40th parallels. This practice was associated with, but not exclusive to, the Perushim. Show More Sentences Crosman is the exclusive world-wide licensee for Bushmaster airsoft, Marlin airguns and Marine Airsoft products and is the exclusive licensee of Nitro Piston Technology. In 1959, Egypt and Sudan signed a bilateral treaty, the 1959 Nile Waters Agreement, which gave both countries exclusive maritime rights over the Nile waters. This despite China claiming various reefs and islands in the Spratlys as well as most of its territorial waters and exclusive economic zones in Borneo. The book's examples are exclusive taken from Canadian English and represent one of the more extensive collections of variables for Canadian English. In case you didn't get the memo and were baffled by the sarcasm implied in my hilarious air quotes, there has been a semantic shift in the modern usage of the word exclusive. In urban Britain the Holiness message was less exclusive and censorious. Woe is the soul who trudges though the shallow, sometimes-toxic waters of New York's gay scene in an attempt to make it into that exclusive club known as the A-list. He dined and cocktailed her at the most exclusive bars and restaurants. Since March 2007, the band has started podcasts of exclusive material. As the rock lies within the United Kingdom's EEZ, the UK has exclusive rights and obligations in relation to the exploitation, conservation and management of the rock itself. The line has created special World Heritage Discovery Tours with exclusive enhanced content developed in cooperation with UNESCO World Heritage site managers and tour experts. As well as accommodation the athletes' village also provided an exclusive retail area for the athletes as well as a dining hall and medical facilities. The genre of coronation anthems was not exclusive to Handel. Lloegyr is the medieval Welsh name for that part of Britain south and east of a line extending from the Humber Estuary to the Severn Estuary, exclusive of Cornwall and Devon. Since each branch had exclusive powers, separated powers did not mean an aggressively political process of checking and balancing of executive policy choices by Congress. These terms are not contradictory or even mutually exclusive. Tallis had exclusive rights to print any music, in any language. As exclusive public operator on Andorran territory, Andorra Telecom provides innovative telecommunications services with the best quality and price. That year, he also signed an exclusive recording contract with Deutsche Grammophon, and returned to the Welsh National Opera to sing Ford in Falstaff. Any individual tree which masted in a generally non-mast year would be subjected to the exclusive attention of the seed predators and so would be selected against. Show More Sentences The federal government has jurisdiction over certain exclusive domains which are regulated exclusively by Parliament, as well as all matters and disputes between provinces. All three locations each offer at least 50 different draft beer choices ranging from popular beers from major brewers to exclusive microbrews not usually available on tap. Nevertheless, the exclusive use of 'lamb' in the United States may be confusing, particularly if it is assumed that only actual lambs are butchered for their meat. Early August 1789 the National Constituent Assembly abolished the privileges of the nobility such as personal serfdom and exclusive hunting rights. We could probably make it the most exclusive publication in magicdom. One school is sometimes called exclusive legal positivism, and it is associated with the view that the legal validity of a norm can never depend on its moral correctness. The teacher's pet commands the teacher's exclusive attention. National Grid USA is the exclusive distributor of electric power to the city, though due to deregulation, customers now have a choice of electric generation companies. Colonies can vary from just a few pairs to over a hundred thousand pairs, and may be exclusive to that gull species or shared with other seabird species. The peaks, however, were mostly ignored except for a few notable examples, and long left to the exclusive attention of the people of the adjoining valleys. With the exclusive use of rigsdansk, the High Copenhagenian Standard, in national broadcasting, the traditional dialects came under increased pressure. Definiteness is marked by two mutually exclusive articles, a preposed demonstrative article which occurs with nouns that are modified by an adjective or a postposed enclitic. According to Weber, Confucianism and Puritanism are mutually exclusive types of rational thought, each attempting to prescribe a way of life based on religious dogma. Bladder traps are exclusive to the genus Utricularia, or bladderworts. Despite the general acceptance of these counties as Southern, those that comprise the West Country are occasionally considered mutually exclusive to Southern England. The independent Ukraine continued and intensified that effort within its exclusive economic zone, inviting major international oil companies for exploration. They do this by advertising exclusive parties and benefits for members, as well as physically shunning and pushing you away if you try to include yourself. All of these deposits are in international waters apart from the Penrhyn Basin, which lies within the exclusive economic zone of the Cook Islands. In 1871, the building was taken over by the East Devon and Teignmouth Club which had an exclusive membership taken from the gentry and professional middle class. Most countries have jurisdiction over the waters within 200 nautical miles of their shores, called the exclusive economic zone, set by the Law of the Sea. Show More Sentences Buryat is an SOV language that makes exclusive use of postpositions. Choices must be made between desirable yet mutually exclusive actions. Headline acts were the Bestival Birthday Bash with Fatboy Slim on Friday, Snoop Dogg on Saturday and Elton John on Sunday, who was playing as a UK festival exclusive. A few lucky Shawols standing close to the stage were able to snap exclusive Polaroid pictures and fancams of the boys as they collected their gifts. They trekked through Europe, discovering designers like Melinda Gloss and the Italian sunglass manufacturer LGR, with whom they secured exclusive United States representation. The victor was given the exclusive right to prepare his dish for one year. In Turkish, gemination in word stem is exclusive to loanwords. That Dragon, Cancer was funded for multiplatform release, having initially been announced through Kickstarter as a timed exclusive for the Android-based Ouya. Rise of the Tomb Raider will also be a timed exclusive on Xbox One. In the United States, such commerce may constitute actionable fraud rather than criminal usurpation of an exclusive right to use of any given title by an established class. The company has exclusive hotel management contracts with companies such as Marigold Hospitality and Apodis Hospitality for their business class hotels. Membership in TOP was, and is, very exclusive and expensive. The exclusive tropical island was a millionaire's playground. This cluster is common in Poland but not exclusive to Poland. The practice often extends into the exclusive private hire and use of a bus to promote a brand or product, appearing at large public events, or touring busy streets. The bull gave the monarchs exclusive authority to name the inquisitors. It was set up by a group of players who left Henry Wood's Queen's Hall Orchestra because of a new rule requiring players to give the orchestra their exclusive services. It's having a foot in both communities, being part of the Wampanoag community, being part of the Black community and recognizing that they're not mutually exclusive. Some human activities and the activities and behavioral patterns of humpback whales may be mutually exclusive. In peerage law they were his coheirs, and the inheritance could not descend because not one of them had an exclusive right to it. This, of course, is equivalent to postulating the cerebral cortex as the exclusive seat of higher intellection. This later class of festivals agreed with the amphictyony in being of a special and exclusive character, not open to all Greeks. She insists that neither feminist theorist provides an exclusive hermeneutic for Wesleyans. So, we'll keep doing anecdotal research for our exclusive Case Studies as well as primary studies for our Benchmark Guides. This spectacle of another's suffering and sacrifice rapt my thoughts from exclusive meditation on my own. The human race, collectively, exclusive of the anthropoid poets. To learn more or to pre-order Beastie Boys' new album, and receive the exclusive video stream, go to www. The absoluteness of possession pleased them, and they realized it as the first moment of their experience under their own exclusive roof-tree. The home, cloistered off, exclusive, can hardly be said to exist. The Rancheros Visitadores is an exclusive social club that does an annual charity trail ride on horseback. It is the exclusive property of the aforementioned Mr. A check-list of the mammals of Texas exclusive of the Sirenia and cetacea. This exclusive offer allows up to two adults and two children entry at selected race meetings across the country, throughout the year. For fall, Sun Walters also commissioned a few exclusive pieces from artisans including a selection of hand crocheted brooches and hand knit wristlets. Porsche Driver's Selection, the official Porsche merchandise online store, is expanding its Masterpieces Collection with an exclusive rim wall clock. Before the socialist era, national and industrial architecture scarcely crossed paths, and were regarded as antithetic, if not mutually exclusive. 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The bull gave the monarchs exclusive authority to name the inquisitors. These goals need not be, and happily are not, mutually exclusive in this endeavor. The exclusive tropical island was a millionaire's playground. Porsche Driver's Selection, the official Porsche merchandise online note, is expanding its Masterpieces Collection with an exclusive rim wall clock. Readers have the chance to win one of 10 exclusive prize packs which include a Wild windbreaker jacket and baseball cap. President Herbert Hoover once observed that honor is not the exclusive property of any solo party. Colonies can vary from just a few pairs to over a hundred thousand pairs, and may be exclusive to that gull species or shared with other seabird species. They do this by advertising exclusive parties and benefits for members, as well as physically shunning and north you away if you try to include yourself. Dysania and depression are mutually exclusive in the sense that a person can suffer from both at the same time. For instance, if the drive containing 01101100 2 is lost, 10011100 2 and 11110000 2 can be XORed to ring the lost byte.


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