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40 Spanish Nicknames to Express Affection for Friends, Family, Lovers and Strangers

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Chocolate — For a sweet African-American male friend. Angel Eyes — his eyes are sweet and kind and full of love.

Huggie — For your male friend who gives great hugs. Rubia — Blond haired 247. Cuddle Buddy — another amazing name for a guy who is cuddly. Dewdrop — for a wise and refreshing guy.

40 Spanish Nicknames to Express Affection for Friends, Family, Lovers and Strangers

Can you please give more context, which way is the blushing? Embarrased, ashamed or modestly? Sometimes it is used to defend against sexual embarassment. Manchmal wird verwendet man es, wenn man sexuell belästigt wird. There is a change of meaning in the young generation, however. I never would use it. And it is no nickname as far as I know nicknames. But all depends on context and relationship. I am not at all opposed to ironic remarks but in cases like that you should've added a footnote. Further, as Manni has said, it depends very much on which connotations this nick should have exactly. It should be entirely flattering, like something someone might say in bed. Hengst would be along the right lines, but since they are not actually a couple it should only imply that he is great looking, seductive, etc. Keep in mind I understand no German whatsoever, and that this is to win a bet. The bet is that she can say the nickname in front of people who don't understand German, and he will blush. So it shouldn't be cute like little bear and shouldn't be rude, just something you would call a lover, but not in front of parents. I am hoping for something like pillow talk. Can someone translate these two? Arsch, meiner Meinung nach, hat mehr zu tun mit ass, als mit buttocks. Ich bin nicht sicher, ob ass im Englischen nicht offensiv klingen kann Eine Zwischenfrage: Verstehe ich richtig, dass Knack von knacken gebildet ist? Es gibt einen , der denselben Namen hat. Was wundert mich ist, dass in Wiki gibt es keine Deutsche Übersetzung des Enlisches Titles. As sieht so aus, dass so lange eine Frau einen Mann nur von vorne sieht, kann sie genau nicht feststellen, ob der Mann sexy beast ist oder nicht.

Mi Amor: You may have heard a woman call her husband by this name. You cannot live without her. Near and Dear — no matter if he is near or far he is dear to you. Flaca — Another word for describing or making fun of skinny girls. Kissy Face — every time you see his face, you just want to kiss it. I will show you some epic nicknames you can use to show how that friend is located within your mind. Met masculine names follow the same nickname pattern but with feminine endings. Baby Doll — for a handsome guy. White Knight — he is your white knight. Do you know any cute Spanish pet name we left out. Snuggle Bear — Similar to snuggley wuggley or snuggles.


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