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OKCupid makes it easier to learn more about prospective dates through open ended profile questions including six things you can't live without, what you are good at, what you are doing with your life, what you like to do on a friday night and more. If their profile is active, it will appear and you can now click on their profile. Congrats on making it to the end of this article, I know it was a long one.

I contacted them to advise I was not happy and wanted a refund. You'll want to refer to it often to stay focused, or change it and start again if you find your wants evolve.

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All of which I am totally not into and have my preferences set to not be shown any of that. After complaining all I got was B. I stopped my paid membership. OKCUPID is owned by Match. Yes I admit I didn't read the terms properly. Chose the 6 month option thinking it would be monthly so was shocked when they deducted the whole amount. After an hour of trying to maneuver my way round site unsuccessfully mind you. I managed to come across a guy I went to school with that was known as the local ice dealer, he claimed he was 8 years younger than he is, his first line of his profile said funny, honest, doesn't drink, smoke or do drug. So 3 strikes this app is out! I contacted them to advise I was not happy and wanted a refund. This was 28th Oct and 31st Oct and still no response. Is there anybody out there OkCupid? They keep a running number in high visibility onscreen of every page so they want you pulled in to pay and find out who is liking you, as you won't know without paying. There were not new likes, mostly stale ones and they don't remove the ones that you have already passed on, so 95% of my likes were from people I had said no to who were supposedly removed from my searches. But ever since it was acquired by IAC in 2011, OkCupid has steadily gotten worse. They have removed many of the features of the original app. You can no longer see who has visited your profile. Worst of all, it's populated with fake accounts and scammers: I had to resort to doing reverse image searches on any profile photo that looked attractive - in a futile attempt to screen out the vast number of users who misrepresent themselves with bogus pics copied and pasted from the Internet. Don't waste your time with this crappy dating app! One in particular named Carla who gave me her number and pretended to feign interest for a couple days... Then suddenly out of nowhere she freaks out and says she is going to the police and calling her lawyers!!! For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I checked the associated email address and no explanation was given, nor any way to appeal the suspension. I did not send any inappropriate or disrespectful messages - in fact I never sent any messages to begin with. I have an anxiety disorder and the lack of communication causes me distress. Was my account hacked? Did someone accidentally report me? OKCupid obviously has a very diverse member base and asks optional information about race, sexual orientation, and voting habits for matching users. I wonder what all this data is used for? I have reached via Twitter and email to no avail. I am 100% that my messages were not in any way violent, sexually explicit nor harassment of any form. My ex-boyfriend who was on a sexual offenders list is on there and we had a horrible break up. He recently posted his profile back up and I believe he made something up. It took me complaining to the BBB for me to get a response, and they said they received a report against me, but due to the nature we cannot release that information. Well since I know I have not sent anything wrong, how was that information validated? Did you look at the message history? Did they see if it was a fake profile? Or did they just take their word for it even though it's a false claim? That's not fair to the people who use the site accordingly. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, NO ASSISTANCE AND NO PROTOCOL SET UP. DO NOT USE THIS SITE! I got a prompt telling me that my credit card transaction failed, so I ran it again, only to discover that the first transaction DID go through. So I was charged twice! Now, I have to get a new credit card to avoid being charged again every month. It's my own fault, I know! Stay far AWAY from this garbage site! They will rob you and give you no way of rectifying the situation. They provide an email but tell you, after you write to them that they probably won't respond. What kind of nonsense is that!! It's sad that companies like this are allowed to continue. I only gave them 1 star because there is no option to give 0 stars. This site has nothing but scammers from northern Africa and the Ukraine. The only real people there are 1000s of miles away. No one should be able to put up a profile without photo Id verification. Until they do that it's pure bs. I could personally care less about a photo posted. I want to know about the person. They have attempted to make it like Tinder and no one you pick ever matches. It's not trans friendly because of this. Straight trans haters select your photo and then find out you are trans and troll you instead of walking away. Bottom line stay away from this and all match sites unless you have lots of money. Scammers are going to ask you for money multiple times daily. I paid for six month A list. I was notified today my account will be deleted and will not receive a refund. I have no idea why, but I did write a seething email to the support desk. My complaint is that I am a straight male and filled out my profile accordingly, but for some reason I would frequently be shown trans and gay male profiles. I live in SF and that's not my thing. I was pissed that the my rights to not select this lifestyle was being ignored. I'm sure this website could do better. Account closures to paying customers isn't a good business model. I was stood up by one user after I drove two hours to met her in person back in 2008 at a restaurant and another user had two accounts and wrote to many guys and jerked me around and jerked other people around. The user who goes by the user id vornamesurname user on OkCupid. Beware of that user! I was so disgusted with the users on OkCupid. I removed my account after the website. Sadly I feel has taken a turn for worse, as I see the users as nothing, but trash on OkCupid from my experience. They could rev up security and not allow multiple accounts from the same IP. At one time OkCupid was completely free years ago. Now they try to screw you if you want to see who has clicked they liked you. Guess what, 2 liked me already, wow that promises something! I liked some of the profiles but apparently not one of them who liked me in return. Most of the profiles OkCupid did match with me, were completely not according to my wishful partner questions. And every time I logged-in there was a pop-up with a blurred image of somebody who liked me. I made screens of these pop-ups and found out that there was always another photo blurred but my 'liked' button was steady at 3. Therefore it is all fake! I'm so glad I didn't pay for it! It is all scam. Two days later, I cannot access my account. It is now 09-04-18 and I have yet to receive help after sending feedback sometimes as often as more than once a day. I have sent it directly to their feedback page, to the app developer's email, and even called a phone number that was connected to the charge on my credit card for them. Every single one has been ignored. They will take your money and run with it. I plan on seeing if other people have experienced this and start a class action lawsuit if there are enough of us paying the same lawyer. Suddenly three weeks later, I started getting lots of likes and messages so I checked them. Here's the kicker, though... It also added what looked like computer generated text to my profile while keeping my original text up top. I have no idea what went on there but I immediately shut my profile down. By the way, there were messages from 12 different women that had the exact same message and the service said I had to pay to see them. These guys are a total scam. And they did so without any warning! These internet companies are way too big and powerful. Apparently this company has an automated system that when someone complains, as many people will when they've been rejected, it automatically suspends the account of the person against whom the complaint was lodged. Then a small team of people use their subjective opinions to determine if the suspension is warranted. In the meantime, no notice or communication is provided to the person against whom the complaint was lodged and no offers to refund their money are made. So there is no reason for the suspension provided, no opportunity to learn from potential mistakes, and who knows whether there ever actually was a policy violation! Likewise, who knows what they wind up doing with all your private information that you trusted them with in your hopes to find that special someone. Get out while you can!!! But over time it became a bad site; they changed so many features to make it harder to meet people and I then only seemed to meet damaged women. At this point I'm done with online dating, as every other site is either very similar or literally impossible to meet someone, based on limitations of site or pricey memberships. I'm a man and have gotten a number of these Likes from women that I would be interested in. When I send them a Like in return, I don't get a reply. So I have to wonder... Is this something fraudulent that's perpetrated by the dating site to induce their members to stay on the site? If not, then why are these women sending me Likes but not any replies? Original review: July 28, 2018 I've been on OKC for many years. Got a few dates there. And it's gone fast. Almost every Friday night the site would be full of people within 100 miles of me. Tonight there were 14 women on within 100 miles of me. Now, the way they have it set up, a woman will get thousands of likes before she gets one email. She has to like you back before you can message her. Many women are not interested in going through thousands of likes just looking for one guy to date. The site has become pretty useless to both men and women. With the thousands that have left because of the current changes, it's a waste of time to even bother with OKC. Just to clarify, You can write a woman, but she will never know you did unless she likes you back. So, if you are on OKC writing messages, you've probably written a bunch of women that will never know. OKC is a total waste of your time. Original review: June 29, 2018 This site was ridiculous. It should be shut down. How can they seriously take your money with a straight face? I thought you pay for quality. I paid but I guess that is why it is also free. It is not a dating site. It is a scammer site. The only question I have is why? What is the point for deception on both sides? The business and those who have the fake profiles. Original review: June 2, 2018 I have been a member of OKCupid for a long time. But recently, I have been propagated by their constant messages to write to people. I wrote a few messages in kind asking about hobbies and interests and was involved with a few new friends about life and fun things to do. Then I was suspended. I have not lied about my age or details. Unfortunately, they suspended me for no reason. I have been polite and honest about my nature in my profile and messages. I joined OKCupid to make friends, as I did. But they took away my friends by blocking me. I deeply feel remorse and discriminated by OKCupid. For no apparent reason they have subjected me to being suspended. It is a wide known fact that many dating sites are affiliated with racism within their comprehensive organizations. I feel OKcupid and some other of these dating sites harvest personal data and promote ethnopluralism within society. I have been constantly writing to them to discuss what the reason is they did that, but have not replied at all. Nonetheless, they have electronically been asking for my IP address which they are able to furthermore manipulate within society for the propagation of their biased propaganda within society. Original review: May 17, 2018 Very questionable. The quality of men is not there. In fact the scammers are more polite than the men and the scammers are there by the ton. They are pretty obvious and not quite intelligent due to the fact that their stories are all the same. It obvious as well that their English is poor. Do not send money. Men tend to not read your profile either. Not worth the aggravation. I will stay single. That's been reported on. I've used the site for years. I have reached out to them twice and no one will respond to my request for an explanation. This is really a load of crap. Meanwhile, scammers are everywhere on that site. Original review: April 6, 2018 I hate the new messaging changes. I also would like to receive my messages as soon as I get them. I don't want to scroll through endless profiles to find the ones who reached out! Probably won't use this site much longer which sucks because OkCupid. Please go back to the way the messages worked before!!! What happened to dating leading into marriage? Original review: March 21, 2018 I had been messaging with two handsome men. Right before meeting them I gave them my phone number. They both looked very different, yet once on the phone sounded identical! They both said their accent was from Australia. I closed my account and blocked both of their numbers. Beware and be careful! Your account and photos have been removed from public view. We consider this matter resolved. That's all I get from them when I ask OkCupid why they deleted my account that was over 5 years old. I have no idea what they think I did that violated the TOS, and would like to access the thousands of messages I exchanged with users over that period. Even the ironically faceless Facebook has better customer service. Original review: March 6, 2018 I notice on this particular site lots of people complained about not enough people meeting their criteria in their area... Alas that is how it goes unfortunately and an app is hardly at fault for certain areas of a country not using the app as much as another city or state province in my case. I met the man of my dreams on OkCupid. That is to say I also met A LOT OF FROGS. This app allows upstanding users to moderate and keep their dating community safe by filtering through flags and complaints and basically enough votes to block and remove a person for good from the app because of violent, disrespectful, unsolicited highly sexualized comments UNSOLICITED l the keyword here. All in all, the apps questions allow very in depth look into someone who answers honestly, great selection so long as you include to look beyond the 4 walls of your city... And like all dating apps, come the table with skepticism and SAFE online dating practices and know what you're looking for instead of expecting it to just fall in your lap. It was the only app I used. Original review: March 6, 2018 I find this site reasonably straightforward. I do not pay money for A list, likes or anything like that. I read the profiles and respond if I think I might like the person or if they seem interesting and they might like me. I am single, live alone, never married. Also, I live in Manhattan and am looking for a NYC guy. Lots of guys say they live here in their profile but they actually just visit here from time to time and live in New Jersey, Upstate NY or Long Island. Or they used to live here, were born here or work here. They live 50-150 or even 3,000 miles away. So the problem is mainly with the people, not the site itself. Honestly, these are unhealthy men who I would not normally date high blood pressure, diabetic, quite overweight, high cholesterol who will only date younger girls. Also, few of the men I have dated have ever done so much as buy me a drink. On the 2 occasions this happened the men were all over me like an octopus 1st date and second date. All in all, not yet met any good matches on this site. The other thing I have found a little disturbing is how cheap these so many of the guys who make a lot of money are. I usually pay for my own drinks and food. After a while they want to get cozy. Too cheap, expects sex after one dinner, etc. No dating etiquette at all. And these are men with money. Oh well - I just go to the places I like if the guy wants to go there, fine. If he wants to treat me fine, so long as he does not grope me throughout dinner. Not exactly the most tactful group of daters on this site. Plus, some of them forgot to shave, put on a clean shirt and brush their teeth. Not too well versed in the art of dating, but there are one or two keepers out there for me I am sure, so I keep going out with a man every month or two, if I am in an adventure mood. Created in 2004, the site serves millions of members through a unique profile format and optional question and answer section. OKCupid makes it easier to learn more about prospective dates through open ended profile questions including six things you can't live without, what you are good at, what you are doing with your life, what you like to do on a friday night and more. You can then compare your answers to those of people whose profiles you are viewing. Some criteria are only available via upgraded membership. Harvard Business School graduate, Mark Brooks, has been an expert in the Internet dating business since 1998. He is currently the CEO of Courtland Brooks, a consultancy agency for the Internet dating industry, and runs OnlinePersonalsWatch. He prides himself on being a New Media Futurist and can be reached at LinkedIn. At ConsumerAffairs we love to hear from both consumers and brands; please never hesitate to. We take privacy seriously, please refer to our to learn more about how we keep you protected. Advertisements on this site are placed and controlled by outside advertising networks. See the for more information. The information on our website is general in nature and is not intended as a substitute for competent legal advice.

If the question offers four options, such as the promises one, pick your con. The ones who get you, and that hit all the right notes for you too. Not only is every question a chance to lose okcupid search without account points, you hit a level of diminishing returns very quickly. Therefore it is all fake. The first thing I see is his ring picture. My friend Matt was in a different place, yet just as frustrating. So take the same advice that every editor gives aspiring writers: kill your darlings. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Therefore, take those words that you've compiled, found in other caballeros, and that mean something to you and add them to your own online dating profile. No matter how much intellectual chemistry you may have online, you need the for things to work out.


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