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Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro Review

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The Ambit3 Peak and will thankfully remain in production, and will continue to be supported with occasional software updates most recently, two weeks ago. My trusty I eventually sold the Ambit and bought myself an. The Spartan Collection so far addressed sports people and athletes of a more general bend much more than it did the trail runners and mountain athletes that Suunto has a wide following among.

That unit uses the same exact sensor as the Fenix 5. The display is easily readable in various lighting, the touchscreen responds quickly even with gloved hands , and the battery held up to everything we threw at it as long as we charged it every third night. Is there a problem downloading and using Suuntolink on a tablet SurfacePro with windows 10?

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro (P)Review

I think Suunto finally got their groove back. Actually, I think they hit a pretty massive audience with this watch. Oh — and it even has optical heart rate built into it. Ignore the 19-word watch model name, the thing you need to know is that they took the full software of their high-end Suunto Spartan Sport series watch, and then shoved it in a smaller and lighter body, then halved the price. Oh, and then they took an optical heart rate sensor and jammed that in there too just for giggles. First up is the usual note that Suunto sent over a turquoise colored Spartan Trainer for me to test out. You can hit up the links at the end of the post if you found this review useful. Do remember that this is one of a number of color choices for the Suunto Trainer, and thus your exact color scheme may differ. All of which contribute to a lower sport wrist hr than the other units. Still, I do want to cover the basics of how the watch works to serve as a primer for the sport usage section. First off, is navigating the menus. While the Spartan Sport and Ultra had a touchscreen on them, the Trainer lacks that. Wanna understand every menu there is in one handy video. For example, in settings you can pair to sensors and your phoneas well as change options like activity tracker and notification settings. These heat maps can be filtered by sport — allowing you to get more specific about where you go. Shifting down to some of the recovery and activity tracking stats, Suunto is still a bit basic here — at least when it comes to the platform as a whole. You can press the lower-left button to see your daily step totals as well for the past 7 days. Tapping once more on the upper-left gives you calorie totals: Meanwhile, you can tap the right-center button to see your heart rate for the last 10 minutes. This heart rate graph though only starts once you press this button. The notifications work well and show up instantly on my wrist as they do on my phone. The exception to that being the custom interval mode, which gets up to 7 fields still. Also in this same area is where you can customize and tweak the watch at large. All of this is fairly straightforward, and identical to the other Suunto Spartan watches. Here are the full settings that you can configure. By selecting downwards, you can customize different options, such as doing an interval run. This is pretty basic functionality, but it actually works quite well. You can also select whether or not you want to set targets i. I cover sensors in the next section. And you can press the lower right button to create a lap, as well as the upper right button to pause. If in multisport mode, you can use the upper-right button long-hold to change sports. All of this works fairly well, and I had no issues with navigation of data pages or display of data pages. Now as I said before, for the most part, these different sports act the same in a good wayso when I switch over to cycling, it all works pretty much the same way here as well. After your workout is complete, the watch will prompt you to select how good that experience was. All of this data is, of course, available then on both the smartphone app as well as the site. In this case, I was using a Stryd running power meter with the Suunto Trainer, thus I also get the power meter data. In addition, you can setup automatic sync partnerships to other sites, most notably Strava and TrainingPeaks. These will then send your workouts over to these sites the second Suunto receives them from your watch: One thing I really like about the Suunto to Strava interface is that I can set all my moves to be private on Strava by default since my account is private by default. Whereas Garmin has no such option. Note that as always, various 3rd party sites treat and process data differently. For example, Strava reprocesses things like altitude, distance, and even moving time. In addition, it can pair to a number of other Bluetooth Smart accessories as well. Only ones with the Bluetooth Smart logo will work. Now when it comes to sensors, you can only save a single sensor of a given type. Similarly, for dual-sensing power meters, like the PowerTap P1 or Favero Assioma among othersit will still only pickup a single side of this. This results in the power simply being doubled, as opposed to correctly capturing both legs. This is true of the rest of the Spartan series as well. In addition to the listed 3rd party sensors above, the Spartan Trainer can also pair to the Suunto Movesense heart rate strap. Only some analog signals like what Polar uses in certain straps can transmit underwater none of which are supported outside of Polar. So when Suunto announced they were going with Valencell, that had the potential to be quite significant. It started off kinda rough, and then over time seemed to get quite a bit better. Something I have no explanation for especially since other users had similar experiencesnor did Suunto or Valencell. However, as noted earlier, they do not record 24×7 data like some other companies do. Aspects such as sport wrist hr color, hair density, and position can impact accuracy. You can wear it a tiny bit looser the rest of the day. Ok, so in my testing, I simply use the watch throughout my normal workouts. Those workouts include a wide variety of intensities and conditions, making them great for accuracy testing. The units seem to very closely match each other throughout. They only lasted a second or two. I only note it because of the small oddities at the beginning with the Spartan Trainer. After that point, all is well. But around the 2-3 minute marker it spiked about 15 or so beats higher than the others, without sport wrist hr real explanation. But again, after that it was great. This run was a mix of pavement and trails. This same sort of variability in the first few minutes is visiblemostly steady-state but some ups and downs as it was a trail run: But after that point, it matched really nicely for the remainder of the run. The first portion is about 7-10 minutes of me getting to a local park to do loops on the bike. At which point my intensity stabilizes and I do loops for about 35-40 minutes before returning. Still, there are some lags and drops though. For example this short sprint I did was delayed on the Spartan Trainer 33min marker. And then following that at one point the Spartan Trainer seemingly incorrectly thought I reduced intensity, yet at another time totally missed my reduction of intensity. Namely in the case of the Suunto units, those quirks for running almost always come at the beginning of the run in the first 3-5 minutes. One ride is good, and the next a mess, and the following a total mix. A watch could fall apart and give you dire electrical shocks while doing so, but if it shows you on the wrong side of the road. Oh hell no, sport wrist hr on the fury of the internet. I use 2-6 other devices at once, trying to get a clear sport wrist hr of how a given set of devices handles conditions on a certain day. For example, I try to not place two units next to each other on my wrists, as that can impact signal. Next, as noted, I use just my daily training routes. The workouts you see here are just my normal daily workouts. You can see that all units were both close, as well as off at times. The tunnel under the Boulevard proved equally challenging for everyone, with each unit doing their own funky dance around it. Beyond that though they all performed somewhat similarly in the challenging conditions not great, but adequate. Once I got into the more open parks though, mostly running on wider trails, the units became very close. The pattern was much the same for the remainder of that run. But what if I went into the trails more deeply. Now this is admittedly pretty darn tricky to figure out. Since this entire park is mostly just one giant bit of tree-cover, knowing where precisely the sport wrist hr are is tougher. Still, the dotted lines help, as do the occasional bits of openness where I can see the trail on satellite view. Look in particular at the white-circled areas both above. For example, check out the below. For example, look at the high level of this ride. And even more so because this loop is incredibly precise. As you sport wrist hr see though, no issues here: Same goes for the other end of the triangle-loop as well, the pointy part. Of course, that bump may be seen as somewhat uncomfortable for some people, especially those with smaller wrists. Where I usually draw the line is whether a unit has final or near-final software i. Much of this is just the reality of European summer vacations. The unit I have is a final hardware version, though the software will likely see one last revision over the next two weeks. It just rebooted randomly mid-run. You can mix and match your own productusing the product comparison tool. I think Suunto has effectively done what Polar did when they announced the M400 a few years back: Significantly undercut the competition from a price standpoint, while still delivering a really solid product. Well, the key word is right there: Competitively. On their higher end units though, they need to go beyond fixing issues and move into innovation. Or just wanna save a bundle of cash. Hopefully you found this review useful. By doing so, you not only support the site and all the work I do here — but you also get a sweet discount. Or, helps support the site as well socks, laundry detergent, cowbells. Post a Comment Reply link does not work in your browser because JavaScript is disabled. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. What an awesome review, as always. Ray, I have a question for you. Thanks in advance if you have a chance to answer. Unfortunately getting to the pool in August in Paris is a bit…tricky. For some, it might work just fine. The technology is just rough there. What are the indoor swimming features like. The drill mode on the Ambit3 is quite handy just to get the total distance of the set correct when doing kick sets. Also, how do you find the reliability of the Bluetooth syncing. On my Ambit3s; notifications are totally solid I think that runs as a background service on Android whereas auto-syncing of workouts goes via the main app and that loses its connection to the watch several times a day for me. Even sport wrist hr a connection in place, it seems like I almost never get notifications. One time I got 20 notifications all at once whereas they had trickled in on the phone. Thanks Ray for the great review. This is kind of showing middle finger towards Garmin developers, saying Where is a wish, there is a way… I like the heat map on Movescount, as well as the View Flybys on Strava. Garmin is not even close to that function. Actually, their Explore — Activities is not working for months. I also like the onscreen device settings and the price as well. Sport wrist hr my opinion the continuity is the reason why most of the athletes stick to Garmin. And thanks to opening my eyes and pointing to the actual market leaders at development. Also has more partners for 3rd party sync a lot more. Then you get into personal preference items. For example Suunto allows you to change settings on the site, but generally not on the watch i. Whereas Garmin is the opposite. On some levels, probably true about how they feel about it. So do you have to re-pair the cycling power meter each time again after using a running power meter in a previous activity, and vice versa. Is this also the case for the other Spartan models. Hi Sport wrist hr, Seems really interesting this watch. Yup, got some indoor workouts — and no issues there. The main reason being you reduce the road vibrations — and thus most of the issues go away. I sync all my data from Garmin — and they automatically appear as private easy to make public in Strava. Especially since it would only impact new activities. I noted to them when I met with them back in April that having a platform of some sort will become critical for them longer term. News for Spartan sport wrist hr Indoor trainer people. Did some work yesterday and have got the Spartan to get all of the data from the smart trainer. Picture shows a brief Movescount download while spinning the crank by hand. Often, say on the bike or on Zwift, I like to pair to both my watch for backup and to to use the training load features say on a 935 but would use an Edge or Zwift itself as my main display. Could you please include some photos of the various smart watch functions. Like how readable text messages are, can you reply from the watch, music player controls, calendar view, weather view, etc. Tyler, agree, the original Vivoactive is a great smart watch, and the best looking triathlon watch. There are some apps that let you reply to texts on the watch too. The new version is ugly so wont even look at it. She did try it for a few hours one day on one of her workouts. She found it a bit more uncomfortable than the Fenix 5S she wears, primarily because of the bump. So while I can set the colors manually per set if I remember, I usually forget. Unfortunately setting the colors per device across the entire platform would quickly run into conflicts with the number of devices I use. Yup, a few rides in fact with different Bluetooth Smart power meters. Suunto is aware of the mistake on their site it was in some other materials as well. Hey, I would like to insert my similar question here: I have an Ambit2. My main interest is capturing trekking routes online to follow them with the watch. I do have a very thin wrist and the Ambit2 size bothers me a little. Will this new model answer my needs. Thanks and congrats for your impressive work. Great triathlon functions would be lost on me, but I need the battery. Basically I would have to delete a power meter to pair another one. Im guessing the same would apply to speed and cadence sensors. Why is Garmin so much more in tune with what athletes need than other serious multisport companies like Polar and Suunto. I really love the look sport wrist hr the Suunto watches, but there just not competitive with the top of the food chain Garmins. Like the 935, which I own or the fenix 5. The existing Spartan series will get it, though slightly behind the Spartan Trainer. I talk about it a little bit up above. Thanks for another solid review. I have not kept a copy of the exchange with their tech but their answer, as far as I remember, was that the pod itself i. I had a similar issue with the Wahoo Tickr X. When I first got the Tickr X, I captured a few runs with their Wahoo fitness app to see their run dynamics. When these runs were synced to Strava cadence doubled. Strava appears to be aware of the issue. Interestingly enough if you pair the Tickr X directly to the strava android app, it shows up as a cadence source and reports correctly the run cadence. Now i just use the Wahoo with my Fenix. The run dynamics data is not worth the pain associated with using the Wahoo Fittness app. I really wanna buy a Suunto, but Suunto always manages to miss some feature that I find important, that Garmin always seems to nail. This time is the multi sensor pairing. I own a number of sensors, ant+ and Bluetooth. A couple of power meters, 5 hr transmitters, Tempe, foot pods, 4 speed cadence sensors. It would drive me crazy if I had to re pair a Power meter or another sensor every time I change bikes or hr transmitters. Come on Suunto, I really wanna buy your products. I pretty much think the fr935 is the perfect multisport watch for now. This watch is a very interesting product. Obviously in gold because gold is the color for winners in sports. Hence, I need to go check out this new model when it is available in stores. Excellent thorough review as ever Ray. I would have thought Suunto had refined this too, so is it really as obvious as it looks in the video. Sorry, yeah, unboxing video coming up. Got delayed on the editing of it with the giveaway extravaganza and all. I have seen a customized workout with many laps to last over a minute longer than the intended lenght because of this…. For example 1mi repeats would show up as. Moreover, they are not supported on Strava so you cannot analyze your structured workout there. Those two were big showstoppers for me and made the A3P structured workout option unusable. Has the new Spartan Trainer addressed those two. Yet again three buttons on the wrong side of the watch…. I was thinking about buying a Polar M430, but this new Suunto Spartan has made me have second thoughts. Is there much difference in size between the two watches. I have small wrists so that is an important factor for me. Is there any possibility of uploading any photos of The Girl wearing each watch a lot to ask I know, especially with the Peanut and Peanut 2 on the way. Hey Ray, thanks for all your great reviews. All of the photos of the screen look dull to me. Did the resolution look acceptable to you. I assume you can change it to a white screen rather than the dark screen that is in all of the photos right. The bands are not swappable, correct. Last question: can you see the whole notification, or just the first line of it. I always forget to tag the watches correctly in my database. Side note: This is always a weird thing that mostly European companies do around listing new products. It never makes any sense from a business standpoint — because you lose the ability to capture a customer when they first hear about it and are initially excited about. I am thinking about ordering sport wrist hr, but a question remains for me. I have an ambit peak and a stryd power meter. When I get to training with power according to some books it was clear that it was sport wrist hr impossible because the sport wrist hr trainer in the android movescount app only allows 100w wide zones…. Do you know if the spartan trainer allows more precise configurations for power. I tried to ask Suunto team if they plan to update this specific part for the android movescount, but no answer. First of all i would like to know if this watch supports silent alarm clock feature I mean to wake me up with only vibrations and not to use any sound. Also, is there any way to change the watch face apart from the faces that the watch has inside. Thank you in advance and thank you for your time. Which one do you think is better to buy sport wrist hr any alternative watch. Maybe have to wait for the new Forerunners. Thank you very much for your previous answer. I use Linux with my Ambit 2s, and I dowlnoad my runs from the watch using OpenAmbit. Here: I guess the Spartan Trainer is using a different protocol, but it may be similar in which case the developers sport wrist hr Openambit may eventually support the Trainer. Another option is to use Virtualbox, which should support all watches. Hey Ray, thank you so much for the incredible amount of info and details. Just a quick sport wrist hr have you had the change to test the altimeter at all. I have an Ambit 3 Peak and bought a Spartan Trainer. That unit uses the same exact sensor as the Fenix 5. The only difference is depending on which version of Fenix 5 you have, and your body type and such, you may see better performance with less heavy watches. All that said — within my Fenix 5 review I dive into boatloads of data on it more generally compared to other sensors. Do you mean that this is not possible to sport wrist hr on the unit. We can still do it through app though, right. All of a sudden Suunto became very very interesting again. I see this unit as a very good upgrade to ambit 3 which they should have done almost 2 years ago. The Spartan Ultra is way over-priced so I was going to get an Ambit3 Peak or Ambit3 Vertical- but this new Spartan Trainer Steel looks appealing. I notice the Spartan Trainer does not have watch-based without a foot pod Running Cadence. I find this hard to believe as both the Ambit3 models have it. The Running Cadence thing is kind of a big thing for me. To justify the price difference. Garmin will typically experiment with lower permanent prices in the form of temporary sales. Where do the Garmin products stand in relation to hardware capabilities and lasting for multiple years at this point. Are new devices around the corner. Many Thanks to Ray for this review, What a exceptional guy. Very tempted with this to replace my ambit 3 but it appears it has worse battery life. Battery life was always the amazing thing about the ambit3. I bought the watch Friday eve, did not even wear it every day. Left home today with 30% showing, after ~4,5 km the watch shut down. Approx 3h of total exercise time. Also — it did not even revert back to time mode so that one can at least see the time of day like my A3S didno — it just show a red battery low graphic. As alreay asked by others, can you say something about the display quality. Do you need to have an eagle like eyesight to read the data in relation to the number of fields configered. How about outdoor use in sunlight. Second, I would also join the crowed asking concerning heart rate transmission support to other units. Whereas other companies can outsource to all sorts of places and have poor manufacturing due to lack of quality oversight. I was decided to upgrade my Ambit2S to a Garmin Fenix5 or 935 just because they seemed more functional and I use a Garmin 850 sport wrist hr my bike and the Spartan seemed like a mess from your review. I think this is a common dilemma, especially with lots of us using 2 platforms — Movescount and Garmin. Other than cost — is there anything that should sway me one way or the other. I also upgraded from an excellent Ambit2S to the Spartan series and after a fair bit of fiddling, managed to get all of the Tacx Genius data onto the watch. Not really a problem as you can see whether the little pairing icons are green before you start the exercise. I have based many of my purchases on your reviews. My question is can you set up a multisport duathlon activity. As in Run, bike, run as a single activity. Everything mentioned is geared towards Triathlon. This is set to be solved in the future. You could do a multisport activity just changing the sport on the fly. After you finish running you would have to hold the top right button and it would go to the sport profile selection, where you would choose cycling. I have the Garmin 735xt for 95% of my training and love it. I upgraded an Ambit 2 to an Ambit 3 for my trail ultra racing. I am satisfied that my needs are met. For me function is more important than value. I took my 735xt on the same trail as my Ambit 3 and I like the Ambit 3 on trails. Besides that, this watch looks really interesting. I have an Ambit 3 and love it, sport wrist hr use a 910 for running because of the alerts. Although i cant imagine it would be that hard for Suunto to get that feature happening if they have the vibrate capability. It honestly depends a bit on what you value. Both have running power support, just in slightly different ways — kinda a wash there. I am now looking for a Suunto watch with baro, but I am a bit scared by their poor capacity for custom workouts. Is there a problem downloading and using Suuntolink on a tablet SurfacePro with windows 10. Could not use my tablet on a Spartan Sport I ordered and had to return. Suunto Customer Service said the their software is designed for desktop and laptop computers, not tablets. Have used Moveslink and Movescount for my Ambit2 R watch for years after some tweaking. How do you like the battery life vs the Sport. I am trying to decide between the Sport non-hr and Trainer and not sure what to get. Which did you find to be more durable. I also plan to take the watch diving nothing too deep, say 20 feet at most. I think the Fenix 3 might be a little over my budget and was a tad large in person. Hi Ray, thanks for your awesome reviews. According to your personal experience, should one put the gps tracker under the swim cap or inside the swim buoy to get the best gps accurancy. And how do you set which mode the watch in these cases. Thanks in advance for your reply. I find it negligible between the two for best accuracy cap or atop buoy. That said, a reader a few weeks or so ago did sent me a huge pile of data from his overwhelming amount openwater swimming with the buoy and found very slightly higher numbers when attached to the buoy. He was primarily an openwater swimmer, so it was after a crapton of files he saw this slight bump in numbers, which he attributed to the little bit of drift the buoy has. I have the hartrate belt and a footpod, and was hoping to use them further on. My first run with the Spartan Trainer today was an 8 miler. As in, upper 170s just a few seconds into the sport wrist hr and being very sporadic throughout the run. How sport wrist hr navigation work on these suunto units. You create a route over movescout, sync it to the device. Do you get then a breadcrumb screen when you start using the route, with left-right indications while moving. Is the navigation much the same as on the Traverse series. Display theme To increase the readability of your watch screen while exercising or navigating, you can change between light and dark themes. With the light theme, the display background is light and the numbers dark. With the dark theme, the contrast is reverse, with the background dark and the numbers light. If they did, would that be as simple as a firmware update or would it require new hardware. I have just signed up for my first 70. Given all this which would you say is the best option. Thanks for all the in-depth reviews, just discovering the site and it really is excellent. Got the black plastic version on Monday as the strap on my polar m400 has snapped. On the bike I get most data from a wahoo elment, the tracks seem close enough mainly I used the polar to get the recovery time in a single place so the Spartan will be a similar backup device usage there. Suunto support are not particularly helpful with variations on switch it off and on again, and the last set of instructions seem to be for a different model of watch. See how it actually looks like as oppose to the ads: neither the color, nor the little arrow on the circle appear. No matter what hack i tried the watch refused to connect…. At least for my 50-year-old eyes — the battery indicator on moveslink and the watch are rarely of one opinion. Moveslink says 70% while the watch insisted it was 98% Thanks for sport wrist hr reply in advance Stephan To answer your questions: Did you do the update. True, the activitytracker is always on. Maybe there is sofware on the way. Sport wrist hr inversed display is optional only when in trainingmode. Select a type af trainingactivity and look at the options. At least for my 50-year-old eyes Uhu, next to the tiny heartratesymbol. Hi Ray, Thanks for the great review once again. I have just received my trainer, and a friend who is interested in one has me asked about surfing. There is no surfing sport, albeit 80 others generic exercises, no apps for trainer yet, what do you recommend for someone who who surfs and likes this price category. When my Tom Tom died I was about to pull the trigger. The steel version looks really nice. Maybe with a black Friday price drop, I can justify grabbing that, too. I was about to jump on it when my wife told me she had a 30% off code for a problem she had with an order. I was sort of stuck as my Tom Tom died. But I just updated the software to 1. Good gps, good heart rate, … the only negative thing for me is that the upper text on the watch speed and heart rate is too little on the screen. I hope Suunto is going to change sport wrist hr in a new update. At the moment i put the sport wrist hr on to see it better. Got a Polar M400 at that stage as the 4 lines of equal size are just so much better to read. The all white one is a limited edition model that never really got released. I asked one of those stores about it and they sent me an actual image of the white one they had in store. Not sure about the other steel colors. I use it mostly for trail running, recording the run, and route navigation. For that reason I got the Suunto Ambit3 Vertical. Hi Lance, thanks a lot for your reply. I followed your recommendation and took another look on the movescount website but no luck there: my tones and vibrations are both on in the general setup options. The watch just does not seem to notify you when you finish an activity you had setup for a certain duration, or when you do intervals. Same thing if I setup 1500m intervals with a 5-minute easy run in between. Otherwise, you have to keep looking at the watch, which is impossible when running. Have you tried this kind of workout setup. Are you getting vibration or audible notifications. I have it set to vibrate at 1 mile intervals. I have to say that the vibration is rather weak. Arlene, thanks a lot for taking the time, your explanations are very useful. One last question: have you tried to do a run with a determined preset length, like 60 minutes. When I do that on my watch, not only it does not notify me the reason why I first asked about this but the watch does not stop either. I am just curious to know if it is a bug or just normal for this model because the Garmin Edge I use to cycle stops and I get a little melody to know it did. I finally learned today how to move the multisport mode thru events, swim-T1-bike-T2-run, by holding the top right button. That being said, I do like the movescount functionality with this watch. It makes customizing screens on the web page easy and the Bluetooth sync thru my phone really makes it easy to customize fields, views, and sport profiles as they upload to the watch. Suunto, please just use the same terminology that the rest of the world sport wrist hr. It does function very well for a fat rookie newbie triathlete like myself. It is easier on the eyes than the Garmin 920 to wear day to day. The heart rate monitor was never more than 2-3 beats off of my 920 with a chest strap when I took them both on a couple of short rides. Suunto should realize that some people run on treadmills and want a footpod to record accurate cadence and distance. It is wrist movement based to get step count and movement. It does work on the treadmill as well. I did 3 miles on the treadmill 2 days ago. Without a footpod though the treadmill accuracy is a little off. Thanks for great review, I am pretty certain I am going to buy this one. Slightly off at a tangent, but wanted to ask your opinion on Suunto v Garmin customer support in general, and around upgrading in particular. I have always been a Garmin girl. Both still useable but irksome. I emailed Garmin support, they were very friendly but all they would offer me is a refurbished version of what I sport wrist hr have, and not dirt cheap either, which is not what I am looking for. Is it normal to have to expect watches to last no longer than 2 or 3 years and if that is the case why is there no option to upgrade to a new one and recycle sport wrist hr old and get some money for it, like I do with my phone every two years. Once I buy my Suunto sport wrist hr I just bin the Garmins. They have replaced my 510 3 times and my 920 once. Yes each time I had to pay for the refurbished item, but much less than either new or refurbished without the trade in. Or keep them available in case something dose happen to the Suunto and you need a backup. This is now normal practice for mobile phones after all. £80 is hardly nothing and then I would still be stuck with technology from a few years ago. You are right of course, I will hang on to my Garmins in case of problems with my new Suunto. Hi Great review and decided to buy one after my polar m400 was stolen Have used it a few times now for training and noticed that it took quite a while to get up to speed in sport wrist hr my heart rate when training. Also in watch mode the digits are pretty feint to the point that I have to put the backlight on Anyone else experienced this. The first minute or two of running it shows my heartrate very high — up into the 180s. Then it settles down to a more normal range. The way to do it in the watch: 1. From there switch it from Automatic to Toggle. But, otherwise love the look, the feel, and the interface icons are so clean and classy. Hi, thanks for the great review. With the Ambit watches now on sale, I can get them for about the same price as the Trainer. Given that price is equivalent, which one would you recommend. I think they only offer 1s, 5s, and 60s sampling rates. That seems like a it would be great to have as well for longer runs. With the display set to toggle the backlight seems to be permanently on unless toggled offdoes anyone know how this affects battery life. Font size — with 4 fields displaying, the top 2 are very small and Sport wrist hr cannot read them without glasses which I do not wear when running, even with 3 fields the bottom field has a smaller font, is there any way to increase the font size. I really like this watch but the small font sizes makes it a deal breaker for me. Sports modes — when creating a custom sports mode, I only see 4 pages, whereas the basic running mode has 7 pages, is there way to create more than 4 pages for a custom sports mode. Also, how do you add a graph to a custom sports mode. Thanks I advance for any help. Also see the post above of Kris N, dd September 15, 2017 at 6:22 am Used Polar M400 with H7 as ref. Iow with 4 and more data fields I really hope Suunto will bring in more font options. Of which the display is 100x better, even with 4 fields Also getting worried about the battery life — after only 3 days and two runs 15k + 8k the battery is sitting on 40%. Hi Ray, Great review as always. I bought the watch couple of weeks ago and love it. I have three questions though: 1. When drawing a route on Movescount, is there a way to step back. When in navigation mode, is there a way to see the current time, maybe the km or miles done. Is there a way to record the route. I went for a 10K run and once the navigation finished, it finished, there is no record of it, which is a shame. Have had this watch a week now, happy with the functions for running, but struggling to make it work for me during pool swimming. I set the pool size to 25 sport wrist hr but it then measures lengths in yards. This must be because I have set the watch to imperial as I measure my runs in miles. I assume there is no way round this. I pause the watch at the wall. Whilst on the paused screen Sport wrist hr can see time elapsed and by pressing the top left button I get the time of day, but I cannot work out how to see the distance swum. Pressed all the buttons to no avail. This makes it virtually useless to me. I am used to Garmin Swim miscounting the odd length, but my session tonight was way out, it gave me more than 3000 yards when I had probably only done 2000. Had to delete the session as it made no sense. How accurate is the wrist heart rate monitor whilst swimming. How easy is it to read the face for lap times and distance etc, and stop and start. Thanks in advance for any input as this watch seems to fit the bill for what I need as I also walk and cycle a bit. It sport wrist hr on how you swim and what you want to record. I did a run on Saturday but it is indicated as done on Sunday. I also did not wear the watch at all on Tuesday but 3. The Vivoactive 3 gives this option. I heard that it keeps logs only for the last 30 days. I suppose this is cool since sport wrist hr do not have to go into Garmin Connect to do this later. What I really like about this Suunto is the price. For some people it works just as well, for others not so much and for others yet, they do it wrong. I used to do an annual post on it this time of year. Yip — sport wrist hr is quite useless especially on a bike due to hand flexing and arm movement. Even between buildings, it has me reliably on the right side of the sidewalk, never mind the right side of the street. My wife is annoyed enough about how much time I spend running without me compounding the issue by waking her up at 5 in the morning. I just bought and returned the steel version. Everything seems great on it, the size, fit, operation of the watch. The reason for the return is the screen. Without the backlight on I could not see it. Even turning to the inverse light theme, it is really difficult to see. If so, I am going to have to hunt down a Black Friday deal on an Ambit 3 vertical I think. Hi Does anyone know if this has a virtual pacer on it. I use a really old basic Garmin Forerunner and it is my favourite thing about it as it keeps me on track with my pace by sounding an alarm when I fall behind or go ahead. When you sport wrist hr on the display timeout, the display turns off after 10 seconds to save battery power. Press any button to turn the display back on. To activate power saving options: 1. Before you start an exercise recording, press the lower button to open the sport mode options. Scroll down to Power saving and press the middle button. Adjust the power saving options as you want and keep the middle button pressed to exit the power saving options. Scroll back up to the start view and start your sport wrist hr as normal. Thank you for reaching Suunto Support. Yes, this is an accurate information. Thank you for your time and have a nice day ahead. Sincerely, Ejohn Suunto Customer Support Team Hi, I bought this watch based on your review and I absolutely love it but I am having one problem. When I sync workouts especially swimming to movescount, strava and training peaks the workout data changes. For instance my lunch swim today of 1k on strava recorded the correct sport wrist hr but incorrect time it was 30 sec out. On training peaks the workout was recorded as only being 700m long sport wrist hr the time was also incorrect. Do you kno why this is happening and how I can fix it. Can I edit pre-prepared sport mode screens. Can I set pace to show avgerage of 3 or 5 seconds. Hi, as a potential buyer of a running watch, could someone verify and explain me the following difference. I one question regarding the swimming excercise session. I find that when swimming breaststroke, the pool length measurement is all fine, but when I swim free style front crawl the watch shows ca double the distance. Does anybody has the same experience. First, I want to add my thank you to that of Ondrej. I also bought this watch based on this review and comparing to your review or other watches, and got to the conclusion that this was the right choice. Thank you for your dedication and the very thorough analysis of each product. I came to trust your opinion a lot. Now, to the issue of swimming: something somehow similar is happening to me. I realize that if sport wrist hr the same lap I change style for a few strokes, that confuses the watch e. Of course, before I came back here I tried to find the answer in Movescount and googled around, but found nothing so far. Any input will be greatly appreciated. I finally found a place where I could present my question to the Suunto customer support, in case other people have the same trouble with stroke recognition during swimming. Below the answer I received in short it says: no, but there is some hope in the future, not making any promises. I am sorry to hear about the trouble. However, Spartan is still being updated as is the Movescount service, so it is possible that this feature will be included in a future update. I will send your email on to the development team as feedback. For cycling there is not much of an issue reading the 7 field display as sport wrist hr platform is more stable. But a four field font of equal size will still be a nice addition to the current config. I like the functionality to use routes in the watch and to have an idea of the profile still to come on your route. Am I confusing 2 different features. And does this watch automatically record rest time between swimming intervals. But for others wondering… The automatic intervals is different from auto pause. Sport wrist hr will correctly differentiate your intervals based on when you start and stop swimming, but it does not automatically pause during rest, and your overall pace time will include rest time. I started pressing pause at the end of every interval, which sometimes messes up the auto interval, before I really looked in to the data on the computer. One minor thing for me is its lack of ability to download or create custom apps to the watch like on my Ambit 3 Peak. Do you know if Suunto will implement this or are there software restrictions on the Spartan series. There is no real Suunto forum where people can bounce questions off each, right. I know about sport wrist hr, but is that and here really it. Seems Suunto is promising to get better but will it happen. I sport wrist hr call Suunto 1800 support line and, with little wait time, got a pretty knowledgeable person who answered some questions. Is this normal or was I lucky. Both platforms have sport wrist hr they do better than the other. Hi Ray, Thanks for your review. I bought this Suunto Spartan Trainer after reading your depth review. Have solutions, news or… firmware update. Simple 4 mile run has me going off path — not terribly, but about 50 yards off. Also, this set back my recovery to 35 hours. Screen visibility is horrible in low light. I see no way to modify the of metrics per screen in each sport or to limit the of screens used. Can Sport wrist hr set watch to vibrate every 4 lengths I swim at pool. Since I swim in 25m and 25y pools, I just want lengths and not distance. I did an easy 5k run and it states I used 900 calories, Strava says sport wrist hr, while Apple Watch would normally state even less. Thanks for the detailed review. After 6 weeks of use the Suunto is my clear choice. Fit, comfort, build are the primary reasons. Right now, my Run — Intervals and Run — Race are at the bottom of the short list. At least not on the watch itself. I have been able to create a simple set of 4 intervals of 100m with 60 seconds rest between. The intervals can be time, or distance. You start the interval set from the exercise mode. First you turn intervals on in the exercise options. Then, start the exercise run then scroll using the middle button until you reach the intervals page and start when ready. I would be interested to know whether there is the capability to program more complex sets. I got here coming from looking at the fr235. Is it possible to create these kind of trainings from website or app. Is there a race mode in which I can set a distance and target time and depending on my current pace it calculates my finish time and alerts me on it. Purchased one for my partner for her birthday on day of release and sport wrist hr less than six months the strap has broken away from the watch, although the strap did not fail. My partner was wearing it and whilst putting her coat on to take the dogs for their morning walk the bottom of the sleeve caught on the watch. That caused the watch to spring off her wrist onto the floor and when she inspected it at first thought the strap has broken, but we then realised that the sport wrist hr was on the watch body itself. Seems to me it is a poorly designed connection on each side and if one lug has a weekness that sport wrist hr put more strain on the other lug making that likely to fail as well as the other one. Two si little lugs are not ideal, a continuous tube and pin across the full width of the body would be more robust. Ray, has anybody else had similar problems?.

It depends on how you swim and what you want to record. My wife is annoyed enough about how much time I spend running without me compounding the issue by waking her up at 5 in the morning. All in all average heart rate taken from Valencell is almost identical as from Polar V800 + H7 strap my tests , but both graphs of heart rate and altitude are more smooth in case of Polar. It also remains committed to constantly working to improve its watches on the fly with monthly software updates. Maybe there is sofware on the way?


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